The debut of American Girl’s Beforever redo of their historical line is August 28th. There will be events in all their stores to help celebrate the return of Samantha Parkington and her collection. The illustrations for the book covers for the line have been out for quite some time and there are plenty of photos of the new version of Samantha circulating on the Internet too.

three versions of American Girl Samantha side by side

I put together a side by side look at the different versions of Samantha using my photo of the pre-Mattel Samantha and the Mattel version of her and the new Beforever Samantha photo from the Palo Alto Auxilary’s raffle page. There is actually a fourth version of Samantha that is hard to find – she has a white cloth body and was made between 1986 and 1991 – other than her body cloth, she is the same as the Pre-Mattel version shown above.

Apart from the very obvious difference in her meet outfit, the new version of Samantha doesn’t seem to have quite as much curl in her hair and maybe it is just the photos but it looks like her eyes are a bit different. If we go to the debut event, I will take my Mattel Samantha and get some side by side photos with the new one.

American Girl Samantha Beforever

A closer look at a photo of Samantha in her box (via TheNewYorkMom on instagram) looks as if her hair does indeed have some curl.

Living a Doll’s Life has more information on the new Samantha, too, as well as quite a few other sources. I am looking forward to seeing all the new Beforever items. I am not sure which one of our dolls will get new dresses, but I do know Kit will get her new meet dress if it is available separately.

Are you excited for the new twist on the historical line?