So we just got back from the BeForever debut at AGDC (a big shout out to all the fabulous fans we got to chat with today!!) and my initial reaction is that AG did a GREAT job with this release. Knowing full well that people by nature are resistant to change and that you will never please everyone, I think they have done their research, know their target market and have found a fresh new way for a new generation of doll fans to be inspired. My thought on the girl outfits that coordinate with the new meet outfits – BRILLIANT. No 9 year old girl is going to wear a girl size version Samantha or Kaya’s meet outfit to school, but AG took inspiration from the meet outfit and made a modern day outfit that girls of today would love to wear.

I took a TON of photos and it may take me a day or so to get them up on the site, but here are a few to get you started. (Note – apologies for any photo quality – I was using my iPhone5 today)

American Girl BeForever Debut Invite Only Event

Our Personal Shopper at the AGDC store invited us to a pre-debut event that meant we got to go to the store an hour early, enjoy some breakfast snacks, get a goodie bag that contains a paper doll trunk with a journal in it, an AG magazine and a few other little things. And we got to shop early – which was good for those shoppers who wanted to buy the new meet dresses separately because those went FAST.

American Girl BeForever Samantha

In the book area of the store they had each BeForever girl displayed with her book set. A very pretty Samantha in her new meet dress. 

American Girl Caroline

No real changes for Caroline and her meet dress, but she did get some new items for her collection.

American Girl Kaya

BeForever Kaya has a slightly different face mold than before.

American Girl BeForever Rebecca

Rebecca’s new meet outfit is so much better in person that in the catalog photos. Rebecca also managed to capture Natalie’s heart and came home with us.

American Girl Kit

BeForever Kit got a bit of a haircut and her hair is a different material than the original. I do love her new meet outfit and those shoes – oh those shoes!!!

American Girl Beforever Julie

So, I think I know what I am going to be making for our Julie – a crocheted vest and matching hat! Julie’s new meet outfit is quite groovy and I just fell in love with her new holiday outfit, too.

This is the first set of photos – I took over 150 photos today so I am going to put them up in batches. Keep checking back for new posts! 

What are your initial thoughts? It’s okay if you don’t love everything, just choose your words wisely – there is no need to be mean.