Barbie’s 50 and She’s Never Been More Hip

Barbie turns 50 The Barbie brand celebrates 50 great years this year and as far as I’m concerned, Barbie has never looked so good. She is making appearances at Fashion Week, has her own blog (way cool by the way), has a Twitter account and a Facebook account and you can even see how she’s made in a cool YouTube video. The girl just knows how to keep up with the times – regardless of the era and she looks so cool doing it.

So, check out:

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  1. priscilla says:

    thats cool! iv never been a huge barbie fan,but some of the dolls are really cute!

  2. AG FAN says:

    i have not been a fan of barbie

  3. sarah says:

    Don’t tell me when you were little you didn’t love barbies?!?!?! LOL, I looooved barbies, I still have my huge collection although I stopped playing with them a long time ago.

  4. priscilla says:

    well,i liked barbies,but my mom would’nt buy them for me,so i only had like 3 barbie dolls….so i was’nt too crazy ’bout them.Also,i liked stuffed horses WAY more!!

  5. AG FAN says:

    yeah, i had a couple of barbies when i was little but lost interest around 4 or 5

  6. priscilla says:

    barbies r ok i geuss.some of them r cute!! do u have any alof dolls?

  7. Ashlen Joy says:

    I still play with my dolls. and maybe this one will be mine one day.

  8. AG FAN says:

    priscilla, i don’t have any alof dolls but i think kathleen is cute. violet kinnda looks like chrissa. it is her face

  9. priscilla says:

    my name is a link to my grandad’s very cool site,u should go to it! its so cool! :)

  10. AG FAN says:

    cool priscilla

  11. Plush Queen says:

    I love Barbie! Happy 50th B- Day to Barbie!

  12. priscilla says:

    happy bday barbi! hav a great bday!(im not really a fan of barbie,but still! hehe :lol:)

  13. Jessica says:

    I lost interest at age 8… My mom tried to get me into American Girl, but I didn’t care; I just went back to Polly Pockets. That went down the tube, so I sold them on eBay for a LOT. I got the Amazing Amanda (Okay, I was an excitable 4th grader at the time, ok?! :) ) and returned her to Target 3 days after I got her (I was also a STUBBORN and easily-annoyed 4th grader, ok?! I hated the beeping noises she made- built-in alarm clock- :roll: ) Finally, I stopped playing with dolls all together- until I got a free AG cat in the mail. I’ve been in love with them ever since! 8)

  14. Plush Queen says:

    They have on Toysrus a Barbie doll that is kind of like a modernized 1959 Barbie. Yes, still the original black and white stripe swimsuit, but its a bikini and lined with pink on the top and bottom. Heres the link:

    toysrus(dot)com and search 50th souvenir doll

  15. priscilla says:

    Jessica,please come bac on the new items post! we all missed u! And,how did u get an AG cat 4 free!?! Lucky! :)

  16. AG FAN says:

    they are always free priscilla

  17. priscilla says:

    wait,there always free!?!? oh,do u mean cat for catalouge? maybe u do,i thought u ment like licoreice or ginger,man,i’m stupid,sorry!

  18. Jovi says:

    I actually like looking at Barbie collectables. Its kinda weird, I know. But there’s a Mary Poppins barbie, and there’s I Love Lucy collectables. I also like looking at the ones that have really cool gowns. Its amazing how much detail people put into one dress!

  19. AG FAN says:

    hheeeeeee. that is funny priscilla and selena. i was like that when i first read it but then i figured it out

  20. priscilla says:

    hi ag fan!

  21. priscilla says:

    try 2 find the m-

    hav fun geusing! :)

  22. AG FAN says:

    find the what?

  23. priscilla says:

    i found it,21th letter,right?

  24. AG FAN says:

    i thought it was the 7th letter, right?

  25. Colleen says:

    Hey my sis just got the 50th anniversary Barbie! like 2 minutes ago!

  26. priscilla says:

    collen,is it nice? i saw it in a magazine and loved it!