Barbie store in Mall of America

As part of Barbie’s 50th Birthday celebration, a retrospective exhibit of Barbie called “What a Doll”, as well as a full Barbie store opened October 2, 2009 in the Mall of America. The store is scheduled to remain open through the spring of 2010.

The store features a full range of Barbie dolls as well as t-shirts, accessories, toys, jewelry and just about everything a Barbie Girl could ever want!!

What is going to be interesting though – is that the American Girl Boutique and Bistro is also located in the Mall of America. Both stores are owned by Mattel. I wonder if the opening of the Barbie store will have any impact on the American Girl B&B? Will they co-exist peacefully? I know my girls would be in heaven – two of their favorite brands under one roof. Actually make that three – as I am sure there is a Build-A-Bear store at Mall of America, too. Unfortunately, my wallet couldn’t handle the trifecta.

And, as usual, if you happen to be at the Mall of America and stop by the Barbie store, we’d love to see the pictures and we’d love it more if you’d share your trip report. Send them in to