Barbie and Ken Doll Set She Said Yes Mattel has really been having fun with the whole Ken and Barbie romance for the past year – ever since Ken’s breakout performance in Toy Story 3.Β  Ken turns 50 this year and he has made it his mission to win over Barbie again with flashy billboard campaigns, Twitter updates, and even a profile.

All that hard work must have paid off – because Target has the Barbie, She Said Yes set on sale this week for $5. If you are a Barbie collector, I think this set will end up being a highly collectible set and for $5 for a set that contains 2 dolls, you can not go wrong!!

Ken has combable hair, pink lipstick kiss on his cheek and is wearing board shorts. Barbie has a cute black and white striped swim suit on, silver hoop earrings and sunglasses.

From February 13 until February 20, you can purchase the set in Target stores or Target online for $5!

So, now that we know Barbie and Ken are going to be back together again, I wonder what adventures they have planned for the rest of the year to celebrate Ken’s 50th.