The new Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn collection is out and I have to say, it is one of my favorites from the designers collection.

Project Runway Tim Gunn Barbie

Barbie looks so classically put together in this collection. I happen to LOVE the pale yellow with the gray and black. They are combinations that can go from day to night with such ease.

So obviously, this is not intended to be a play Barbie, even though it is a Pink Label. The Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn collection is intended more for adult and junior collectors. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my daughter Megan puts this on her Christmas list. She has a thing for the designers collection and this is very much her own classic style.

There are two separate Barbies and two separate outfits as part of the collection with each piece being around $40. You can buy them at, and other retailers who carry the Pink label Barbies.