Mariposa and the Butterfly Fairy FriendsThe fourth in the Barbie Fairytopia series, Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Friends delivers the message of liking yourself for who you are first. However the movie does have mixed reviews as some of the parts are a bit scary for younger kids – the fairies are constantly being chased. The colors and the fairies are beautiful though.

Barbie MariposaMy daughter got Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings Mariposa Doll for her birthday. Once you get the wings attached, she is very beautiful. Her wings fold down and snap in place then you can “magically” release the wings at the touch of a button. Mariposa has been flying around the playroom chasing imaginary Skeezites and playing with the bunny from the movie, Zinzie.

If you have a fairy loving Barbie girl, you have to keep the collection going. If you have not seen the other movies in the series first, I recommend starting with them as this movie doesn’t stand alone as well as some of the others. The other Fairytopia movies are: