I was reading at Collectors Toy Stop and Sandy had an interesting post. After all these years Barbie is still the number one choice for girls when it comes to Christmas wishes. Yep, she beats out all dolls, Bratz, Princesses and more (see the complete list at Sandy’s site).

Golden Angel BarbieOne of my daughter’s asks for a collectible Barbie every Christmas. She is a true collector. She never even considers taking them out of the box. It all started in 2000 when she was 2. Her aunt gave her the stunning blue Millenium Barbie for Christmas. She was in awe. We talked about how special it was and then I put it up out of her reach. She is old enough to understand its value now and proudly displays it on her shelf.

Last Christmas we visited some relatives and found out that a sister in law of my sister in law was a huge Barbie collector. She has an entire room in her house dedicated to Barbies. We took the girls over there and they were in heaven. We spent hours looking at all the dolls and even playing with some. It completely cemented my older daughter’s collector mentality. They are already asking if we can go there again.

I’m not sure what it is, but there is just something about Barbie. I can see how she is still #1 after all these years.