Happy Election Day! For all of our readers who are old enough to vote, please do! Exercise your civic right and vote. That being said, since this is a doll website and not a political website please do not comment who you or your parents voted for or make commentary on the candidates – I will delete them.Β 

In honor of our right to vote though, Madelon has sent in a few photos of her 2000 President Barbie for us to enjoy.

Barbie for President

Barbie for President in 2000. She is wearing her official campaign suit and even has her own Barbie for President sign.

Barbie President 2000

This is the gown she would have worn to the inaugural ball. Which outfit do you prefer?

2000 Barbie for President White House Project

The back of the box for Barbie for President 2000 showing Barbie in a debate or addressing her supporters and more information about The White House Project.

Girls Bill of Rights

The box included the Girls Bill of Rights which I think is fabulous! And every one of them is still as important and true today.

So again, get out and vote if you can!! But, keep the actual politics out of the comments…Β