Barbie Dreamhouse

This morning my youngest daughter (she’s 5) asked if I could get the Barbie Dreamhouse out so she could set it all up and I could take pictures of it and put it on my websites. (This is scary – but true) So, being the nice Mom that I am, we got it out, she wiped down all the floors and starting “decorating” Barbie’s house.

All I can say is that Barbie and her pals have it good. This dreamhouse has a kitchen complete with a stocked fridge, oven, burners that “sizzle”, a washer and dryer that “spin”, and cool dishes. There is a working doorbell and whole house radio; she’s got a canopy bed, spiral staircase, and a loft complete with a big screen TV. And to think, this Barbie doesn’t even have a job yet!

Anyhow, I love how Princess Nat set everything up just so – down to the dog and cat in “mudroom” and the laundry basket on the washer. Oh, to be 5 again!!

Have a great weekend!