Barbie Dream HouseOur five year old got the Barbie Dream House from Santa this year. She didn’t ask for it, but somehow he just knew that this was right up her alley!

It was a little tricky to set up and there were plenty of stickers to add, but it has held up to serious play already.

Let’s start from the top. The top floor/loft is the entertainment room complete with a big screen tv. The wall unit folds down into an extra bed if Barbie has guests. The loft is also detachable and can be used as a take-along playset.

The second floor has the bathroom – including a laundry hamper, sink, bathtub and toilet that makes noise when it flushes. Next to that is the bedroom. There is a canopy over the bed, a vanity, and bean bag chair.

Take the spiral stair case elevator up or down – it works with the turn of a crank. Barbie loves it.

On the first floor the kitchen is equipped with a washer and dryer set that spin, stove top that sizzles, oven that opens, sink, and fully stocked refrigerator. There is plenty of food for Barbie and her friends; like pizza, ice cream, orange juice, popcorn and such. In the living room Barbie and her friends can hang out on the sofa, listen to the radio (yes, it works) and answer the door bell when their friends come to play.

It was so much fun to watch her face as she figured out all the sounds and what things did. Her Barbies have had some great adventures and fun already. I think she played with it for 3 hours straight one morning. Now they have a car, too, so they are going places as well.

If you have a Barbie girl with a good imagination, this is a great value!