Until last Christmas when we visited a friend with a large Barbie collection, I never knew that there were different Barbie labels or what they meant. However, that day, my girls and I got an education and we realized that we have different collectors under the same roof in our house.

According to Barbie Collector, the labels are defined as:

  • Platinum Label Barbies have very limited production – less than 1,000 worldwide, some are even one-of-a-kind.
  • Gold Label Barbies are also limited, but to no more than 25,000 worldwide. They are packaged differently than other Barbies – in a gold-trimmed, cake-like box.
  • Silver Label Barbies have production levels of 50,000 and are available at toy retailers.
  • Pink Label Barbies are the easiest to find at most toy retailers. They are suitable for collecting or play.

One of my daughters loves Barbies, but from a collector’s standpoint. There are only certain dolls she wants and they never come out of the box – I would consider her a Silver or Gold girl. My other daughter is a true Pink collector – she wants them all and wants them out of the box so they can join her on an adventure. She truly plays with her Barbies.