Barbie has a new movie coming out on DVD September 15, 2009 – Barbie and the Three Musketeers. Barbie and her friends become the first girl musketeers and are tasked with SAVING the PRINCE – how’s that for some modern day positive girl power messaging?

The synopsis from the official press release reads:

Corinne(TM) (Barbie(TM)) is a sixteen year-old-girl who dreams of going to Paris to become a Musketeer, one of the protectors of the Royal Family. Once at the palace, Corinne(TM) works under the tutelage of three beautiful maids: Viveca(TM), Renee (TM), and Aramina(TM). While at the palace, she notices strange things, like accidents, happening and she’s worried the Prince and his family may be in danger. With ninja-quick reflexes, each girl shifts into a defensive pose with improvised weapons: a necklace, fans, measuring tape, and hairpins. Together they discover that the prince’s Advisor and his personal army are plotting to get rid of the prince and the royal family. The four girls try to tell the head of the Musketeers about the evil plot but no one believes them. Corinne(TM) and her friends are able to foil the plot of the villains through and save the Prince. The royal family is grateful to them and declares all four girls to be true Musketeers.

Universal Home Entertainment is also doing a promotion/contest for a trip to LA in conjunction with the movie’s release:

Look to see if you’re a winner! Every DVD includes a Barbie(TM) Pink Ticket Party Instant Win Game piece, with the chance to win the coolest prizes. You could win a trip to LA to the ultimate Barbie(TM) party, Barbie(TM) shopping sprees, toys, and much more! No purchase necessary. (For alternate means of entry and to read all the rules, go to Valid between 7/1/09-1/30/10. Open to legal residents of the United States between 3 and 12 years of age. Void where prohibited.)

I’m sure it will be a hit with the younger set (4-8 year olds) and I’m sure it will be on my daughter’s request list.