Whether you are a true Barbie collector or someone who has owned at least one Barbie in your lifetime, once you pick up Sandi Holder’s Barbie A Rare Beauty book, you will not be able to put it down. This gorgeous hardcover, coffee table worthy book chronicles the history of the Barbie doll line through the experiences of one of the leading authorities on Barbie, Sandi Holder of the Doll Attic.

Barbie A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder

When the book arrived I started to flip through the pages and hadn’t even gotten to page 5 when my daughter came over and started looking with me. She begged me to let her take the book to her room and read it. She emerged two hours later, talking a million miles an hour about all the cool Barbie facts she had just learned. Something tells me that when Ruth Handler created Barbie in 1959, she had no way of knowing what an impact she would end up having on generations of girls of all ages.

I finally got a hold of the book the following day while my girls were at school and I took it with me when I visited my own Mother. We turned page after page, oohing and ahhing over all the individual Barbie’s featured in the book, reminiscing about the dolls in the book that I owned as a child and talking about the collections my own daughters are working on. I was amazed at how comprehensive the book was in comparing and noting details in the various dolls.

Inside pages of Barbie A Rare Beauty

One of the things that really sets this book apart is that the photos are from Sandi’s own collection over the years. A collector for over 20 years, Sandi owns the Doll Attic in California – a doll museum, doll auction house and retail store. She set a world record for the highest price ever paid for a single Barbie doll when she auctioned a Ponytail #1 doll for $25,700. Her collection includes many of the rarest Barbie dolls in existence including vintage dolls, prototypes, Japanese and European versions of the dolls, one of a kind Barbie’s and classic fashion sets. I had a lot of fun reading about the history behind so many of the dolls featured in the book.

Barbie – A Rare Beauty is the absolute perfect gift for any Barbie enthusiast! You can purchase the book through Amazon for about $20 or if you order it through the Doll Attic your book(s) will come with a special illustrated, personalized autograph from Sandi Holder, too.

Some of my favorite Barbie’s featured in the book include: