Hey there! What a fun week we have had. Today we learn who won the Bakery Battle, here we go!

“Let’s meet our judges. On the left we have Cali, she is a three time Bakery Battles winner, and on the right is Ruthie. Ruthie is the proud owner of Dolls Delightful Doughnut Shoppe. Along with our judges we also have our prize kitten, Snickers. Let’s bring in the first contestant for judging.” Ivy said.

Kanani entered the room, “Hi I am Kanani and today I have prepared for you a sweet and salty cupcake. It has a hot dog cake with a banana filling and lemonade buttercream frosting. It is topped with a s’mores cereal crumble. Enjoy!”

Ruthie slowly lifted the cupcake. She took a bite and her facial expression quickly changed.

“Kanani, you are obviously a good chef, but the ingredients you had today were not easy. The cupcake was dense and the flavors do not blend. I am very sorry.” Ruthie told Kanani.

“That is alright! Thank you.” Kanani replied as she left the room.

Grace came in next, “Hello! I am Grace and today I present to you my Orange Sweet Dream Cake, as I call it. This cake consists of three layers; vanilla, orange and strawberry. The frosting is an orange Swiss meringue. I hope you like it!”

Cali took a nibble of the cake. She said nothing, this made Grace nervous.

“Grace… This is AMAZING! You made this with an hour and only five ingredients?! WOW!” Cali exclaimed.

“It is time for results, let’s bring in Kanani.” Ivy said to the girls.

“And the winner is…” Ivy spoke slowly.

“GRACE!” Ivy yelled out. Confetti went flying and hugs were given all around. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed Bakery Battles week!

Until next time, this is Natalie signing out, click!