Ava’s Doll Room Winner Photos

Courtney was the winner of the Ava’s Doll Room giveaway last month and was kind enough to send in a few photos of her prize. She picked the Tea Party bedding set.

It looks great in her doll’s room!

Shiloh just loves it!

Cuddled up, snug as can be, complete with Hello Kitty!

Here is the video Courtney posted on her YouTube channel of her opening her package.

Thanks again to Ava’s Doll Room for sponsoring the giveaway!

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  1. so cute! fristie

  2. Firstie???

  3. That’s the one I picked too!

  4. i guess there’s two courtney’s now

  5. Courtney (#1), is that #38 I see? If so, could you maybe do a mini-review on her with all the pros and cons? I’m trying to decide which doll to get next and am really thinking about her :- )

  6. I love #38! Too cool!

  7. COOL! lol i was thinking at fist it was you courtney whistling! XD

  8. Cool!!!!

  9. COOLNESS! ( btw i am SO bying from them! )

  10. Cool and lucky. I liked all of them :) they have such cool designs.

  11. Iris+McKenna says:

    Oh it’s so cute! Courtney, where did you get Shiloh’s hat? I love it! I also love #38 too 😛

  12. That’s so cute! I love 38! She’s so cute!