I have not been lucky enough to see an Australian Girl doll up close and personal yet, so I have to enjoy their photos for now. Britts is a 15 year old from Australia who is a huge Australian Girl fan (yes, that is the name of her website, too) and has been kind enough to share her review and photos so we can add one more line of 18″ play dolls to our wish lists!

Hi! My name is Britts, and I’m from Australia! I’m fifteen years old, and I’ve been collecting Australian Girl Dolls for about two years now. I currently have four of the five Australian Girls, and I love them to pieces! I also have a PM American Girl Felicity (who also receives much love!)

Australian Girl Dolls

Australian Girls are 20 inches tall, so that means that they are about 2 inches taller than American Girl. They have the same high quality Kankelon hair as American Girl, so it can be brushed again and again. Each of the dolls have different hair styles. Matilda has amazing red hair with lots of little curls, Amy has dark brown hair with long, loose curls, Emily and Belle have really long hair and bangs, but Belle’s is brown and Emily’s is blond. Jasmine has long, smooth, black hair.

Australian Girl AJ

Unlike American Girl, the Australian Girls only have a partial soft body. This means that they are still soft and hug-able, but they look great in what most Aussie girls wear for most of the year-tank tops! This also means that Australian Girl dolls are not quite as…fat…as American Girl (Sorry Felicity, but it’s the truth!).

Australian Girl dolls also have feet designed just for wearing flip flops! Each Australian Girl comes with two pairs of shoes-one pair that matches their outfit, and a pair of flip flops!

Australian Girl doll feet

Girls are always asking me which doll I like best, and which doll I think they should get. I always say Amy because she is my favorite (and she’s a mini-me!). When I’m asked to recommend a doll I always say it depends on how you want to play with her. Emily and Belle are the best if you want to play with their hair, since they have such long hair. Their hair is also not curly, but not too straight. Jasmine is too cute for words, but her hair is so straight I sometimes have trouble getting it to sit right (it’s a bit like Julie’s). Amy is really nice if you want curly hair, but still want to play with it. Matilda is beautiful beyond words, but you really can’t do a lot with her hair. It gets frizzy if you brush it, but if you don’t mind that she is an amazing doll.

Australian Girl Matilda

Personally, I would choose Australian Girl over American Girl, but I still love to collect American Girl too. Australian Girl dolls are a bit more expensive than American Girl. They cost $112 AUD, but they are worth it!

Thanks Britts!! Your photos are beautiful!