Hi everyone! We are back at the “local aquarium” today (aka the fish tank in Natalie’s room) with two of our Ever After High dolls, Maddie and Apple, and two American Girls, Grace and Saige. Let’s see what they did!

“They are so adorable!” Apple exclaimed.

“I need to get myself one of these!” Maddie said while tapping on the glass anxiously.

“Woah, Maddie calm down. Tapping on the glass scares the little fish and stress them out.” Apple said.

“Let’s go check out the dolphin exhibit!” Maddie suggested as the two walked down the hallway.

Just then Grace and Saige came to see the new little fish!

“Oh, I like the blue one best, what about you Saige?” Grace asked.

“I like the dark pink fish! They are all too cute though.” Saige replied.

“This is so fun, I love looking at all these fish, I can’t wait to head to the other exhibits!” Saige said happily.

“Me too, we should go to see the sharks!” Grace said as the girls skipped off to see the other animals.

Have you visited an aquarium/zoo this Summer?

Did you notice the stickers on my fish tank? They are super easy to make using puff paint. Simply draw your shapes and designs on a plastic baggie, let them dry completely (which may take a few days) and then peel them off the plastic. You can stick them on just about any smooth surface – I have them on my fish tank and the hamster cage – and they peel right off when you want to move them. Let me know if you want a more detailed tutorial and I will do one.

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!