As the story continues the three friends; Lanie, Dabbie and Marisol were selected to attend the prestige Hart Dance Studio in  New York City.  Let ‘s see what happens upon their arrival…

Dabbie is shy but realizes they need to make friends and introduce themselves.

They see two girls near the barre,  looks like they are reviewing the different positions.

One of the girls spot Lanie, Dabbie and Marisol.  She lets her friend know that they have some new dancers arriving.

The girls all get together and introduce themselves.  Then they spot  someone by the mirror. Who can she be?  She is dressed with a beautiful golden tutu and black leotards.

What the girls do not know is that this is their teacher, the Prima Ballerina Rebecca (Becky for short).   She has also just arrived at the Hart Dance Studio to select the girls who will be performing in the Spring Performance Dance.

Becky wears her hair in a professional low bun.  This is accomplished with the hair piece that comes in the Isabelle Hair case.  The piece is used to make a perfect bun and it is very easy to use.

Becky turns around to address the students. Come ladies gather around she says.

Becky has a list of who she thinks will get each part in the performance , but they will still need to audition.

Saige and Maralee are on top of the list and will need to audition first.   Since they have been students of the Hart Dance Studio the longest.

Maralee is first to audition, she has been attending the Hart Dance Studio for three years and is considered one of the best students.   Becky takes notes.

Next is Saige’s turn to audition.  Saige has been attending the Hart Dance Studio for only one year.  She tries to remember all the positions that she and Maralee reviewed on the wall.

Becky says to Saige, “look Saige your arm needs to be up and graceful, see like this”   Saige tries to imitate what her teacher is showing her.  The three friends watch each audition and they start to get butterflies in their stomach.  They know that they too will need to audition for a part…….

Will Lanie, Dabbie and Marisol get a part?   How nervous would you be?

Fun Facts:
1. Backdrop and flooring were done by me.
2. Maralee is wearing a OG ballet outfit, all others are wearing AG ballet outfits.
3. Rebecca has the same eye color as Isabelle and Lanie.  
4. There will be a post next week on how to use the hair piece to make a low bun.