What is more fun than finding new items around town that make a Diva look like a top notch Fashionista?  So you decide what is your favorite and which Diva looks the best? 

Our two Divas start us off modeling two new outfits from Our Generation.  Kaylee’s outfit comes with red tights, but this Diva decided against wearing them, it is too hot!  Her shoes are sold separate as part of the new 2014 OG shoe collection, they just make this outfit. The original outfit does include red plastic shoes.   Maggie is wearing a purple new OG outfit that definitely takes me back to the 70’s era.  The leather purse is part of the set as well as the bow. 

Clara is our Diva wearing the Mr Fox outfit from OG – one of my favorites.  She is accessorized with two flexible bracelets and a red silk purse.

Alexis and Diana are our Divas modeling Journey Girls outfits and Springfield outfit and shoes.  They are also holding two mini dolls a Moxie mini and the OG mini,  just adorable.   I love the look of the Journey Girls outfit, remember this year JG go to London so their style are based with the London theme, therefore the UK on the top.  The hair piece is actually a belt for the outfit but this fashionista had a different opinion.   Diana wanted a more casual look and is modeling the new Springfield outfit found at Micheal’s Craft for $5 after using a 50% coupon.  The high tops with a flip top is also new to the Springfield collection and fit nicely on the Gotz dolls.

A closer look at the high top shoes.  The high tops with a flip top is also new to the Springfield collection and fit nicely on the Gotz dolls.

Terry and Jennifer are ready for a stroll down Miami Beach boardwalk.  Terry wears a  Springfield outfit and the most unique sandals also from Springfield.  Terry loves the feel and fit of this outfit.  Jennifer wanted a more funky look with her Fedora hat from AG and her new Springfield set which is a top and a skirt.  Her flip top, high top tennis shoes are part of the 2014 OG shoe collection.  Both outfits fit wonderfully.

Our AG divas Dabbie and Samantha take us back in history.  The Frilly Frock fits Dabbie the best and she loves going back in time.  Samantha is a Pleasant Company Samantha and is enjoying her new outfit.  Since she has a fuller body the Frilly Frock is tight on her, but her meet dress fits perfectly.  

Hannah loves this look!   She immediately claimed it for herself, it is from Journey Girls part of the London collection.  Hannah is not only wearing the outfit pack but also the accessory pack which includes the rhinestone shoes, purse, scarf and hat.  Love this color on Hannah, wish her well on her trip to London.

Clara wanted to visit her friend Maxine in London, so here is what she picked out.  This is from the Journey Girls London collection, she loves her strapped shoes.  The outfit definitely completes a British looking Diva.

All these outfits are currently available at your local stores: Target (OG), Toys R Us (JG) and craft stores Springfield.   I love the way you can mix and match to make your diva a top Fashionista!  Which is your favorite?

Fun Facts;
1. All dolls are part of my personal doll collection.