Hey girls! Natalie here. So big news, Diana has brought us a friend. She gave us a gorgeous new Our Generation doll! Her original name is Lana but I have renamed her Ariel. You will understand why when we get to the photos. Let’s jump right in!

Stunning, right? What better name for her than Ariel with those pretty green eyes and deep red hair!

Let us start the fabulous review with her trench coat. Ariel comes in a bubblegum pink trench coat with 3 buttons on it and a ribbon to tie. It is a semi thin fabric but its very cute!

Underneath the pink trench coat is the most adorable shirt! The shirt has polka-dot sleeves and trim and a striped piece of fabric as the center point of it all. This shirt is SOOOO soft. It is very easy to get on and off the doll and it is so cute!

Now for pants! Ariel came in a pair of dark jeggings that are so soft. I want a pair like these for myself!

Time for the cutest shoes ever. Ariel comes in white boots with a pink tip and pink bow. I LOVE THEM! They are so pretty! These are like rain-boots , but they are very easy to get on and off the doll!

Now to her amazing hair. Ariel has thick, soft, wavy, rooted hair. The hair fiber is AMAZING. Her hair is super thick but still very soft. She has multiple layers, great hair for styling!

I lifted her top few layers to reveal her scalp is painted red to help the hair blend in. Its great!

When you first take her out she has a mini black bobby pin in her hair holding back the right side of her hair. 

Let’s look at her pretty facial features now! Ariel has a button nose and very like pink lips. She has piercing green eyes that open and close(sleep eyes), and thin light brown eyebrows.

Now let’s see a few different angles…

Ariel stands very well! Especially in those boots. Look a little puppy, awe!

She made a small friend 🙂 In conclusion, Ariel is an absolutely stunning doll and probably one of my favorite Our Generations! 

Have you ever just fell in love with a doll? Which doll?

Until next time this is Natalie signing off, click!