doll trick or treat

We LOVE Halloween at our house!  The house gets some spooky decorations and costumes get planned for that special Trick or Treat night.  And of course the dolls and their house get something special too!  Are you and your dolls ready for Halloween?!?!

doll and girl costuem

Since my daughter’s birthday is in October I wanted to plan something special for her.  She fell in love with the Girls Archer Costume from Chasing Fireflies, so as soon as I got a coupon I ordered it for her! You can find the exact girl costume here:   To make it EXTRA special I asked a very talented seamstress friend of mine to make a matching costume for her doll!

girl doll archer outfit

This amazing replica was made by Carol, who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol:  Send Carol a message via her Etsy store if you are interested in a custom order.   Her attention to detail is spectacular!  She didn’t miss anything; the tunic, leggings, armbands, and circlet look like the real thing was shrunk down to doll size.  The boots are made by Adora (brown slouchy boot with buckle); I purchased these from Amazon.

Doll archer girl costume and cape

Carol even fashioned a perfect green velvet caplet with faux fur trim!  Gorgeous!  My daughter was so in love with this birthday present!

doll bow and arrow set

The doll’s bow, arrows, and quiver set are from the Lemon Bay Doll Co. :   The quality is excellent!  My daughter was thrilled with this set.

I found my daughter’s set on Etsy here:

Archer girl trick or treat bag

For the Trick or Treat bags I used a canvas bag.  I printed an image of an archer girl from a Google search onto Transfer Magic Paper and ironed in place.  Faux trim was added with fabric glue.

doll halloween party

My daughter planned a Dolloween Party!  Her cupcakes, candied apples, and treating candies were purchased from  The food items from this shop are extremely realistic.  I look forward to purchasing from this shop again!

doll halloween party costumes

I can’t wait to see how your dolls are getting ready for Trick or Treat!  Happy Dolloween!