Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play That’s right, 100 straight days of doll play ideas, crafts, and fun – in addition to all the regular Doll Diaries reviews, photo events, news and weekly craft posts!!

Tomorrow we will be kicking off the 100 Days of Doll Play and we’re happy you are going to join us. Natalie and I took time last week to brainstorm and we came up with well over 100 ideas for things to do with your dolls – from crafts, scenes to set up, scenarios to act out, things to celebrate and more. Each day we will introduce a doll play idea complete with photos, links to additional resources, how-tos and anything else you may need. Some of our doll play days will be sponsored which means that day one of our advertisers will be in the spotlight, but many of them will not be sponsored.

Live, Love, Play Dolls How can you get involved?

  • If you have an idea for doll play you want to see, email it to me at There is no guarantee I will use your idea, but if I do, I will definitely give you a shout out.
  • Did you use our idea to play? Take photos and either post them on our Facebook page or email them to me at and I will include my favorites in the Sunday Showcase.
  • And the easiest way to get involved is by leaving comments on the posts you love. Remember, we never share your email address and it is used to give everyone a unique avatar next to their comment.

So now are you ready for some doll play fun? Stop by tomorrow, June 1st for the very first Day of Doll Play.

PS – Remember our printable journal pages? Print some out and use them to record the memories of your dolls and their summer!

PPS – Are you a business that would make a great sponsor for one of our days of play? If so, email me at for details.