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Saige has been busy baking all morning and Tess wants to help her make her next delicious creation. Tess already got the milk, eggs and flour out for Saige – but what do you think she will make? That apple pie she made earlier sure does look good!

The theme of this month’s Reader Photo Contest is going to be GET COOKING. What does that mean? It means set up a scene with your doll(s) cooking, baking, eating, having tea, or even grocery shopping. The photo must have some form of doll food in the picture. If you don’t have any doll food/cooking items, why not make some? If you look in the doll crafts category or search for doll food in the search bar, there are lots and lots of posts on Doll Diaries about how to make doll food.

How do you enter:

Please allow 24 hours for your photo to be posted – I usually post them in batches – and take the time to leave friendly comments on the other entries, too.