The new 18″ version of the My Twinn dolls have created quite a stir – and lots of mixed opinions. We have now seen Emily’s custom My Twinn, Char’s custom My Twinn and today I’ll show you mine.

Today we will explore another selection, of which I am sure there will again be mixed opinions.  I have been reluctant to place this order, because for so many years I have wanted to do this but never  did because I did not like the original My Twinn body structure, and now that I do like the body structure, I was afraid if she would really be my twin.     I will reserve my opinion for last.  Let’s take a look at my custom doll….

Out of the box and the picture was taken with evening lighting.  My custom 18″ My Twinn doll has brown/green eyes, dark curly hair, with olive skin tone.

She can ride a bike and her hair has been styled.

Close up with inside lighting

Taking her outside with natural daylight, although today  is overcast.

Different poses with different angles.

Now let’s play with the hair!  A different hair style showing off  her pierced ears with little heart earrings.

Letting her hair down with no barrettes.

A change of clothes and a beret hat for yet another different look.

How about with her hair back?

Relaxing, sitting in her chair with her bunny and hair loose.  Note the hair is now parted in the middle.

So who was she to look like?

The real Diana!  This picture was taken inside a glass frame.

My personal opinion and not reflective of Doll Diaries:  The doll does not resemble any of the pictures sent in, although it could have because they certainly had the face mold. The skin tone was not even close to what the customer service person indicated.  They did get the color eyes correct because I selected those and they did get the eye brows correct, I did not want overpowering eyebrows..  The hair was suppose to be wavy not curly and the shape of the eyes is not correct either.   So after a lot of debating with myself, I have determined that this is not my twin, but mainly my custom doll.   My recommendation to any one looking at these dolls is that they approach it as an opportunity to create a doll they favor and not try to create a twin.

Fun facts:
All props used are part of my collection.