By Diana –

In my adventures for hunting down items for our dolls, I came across a kids resale store that is similar to a thrift store in that it sells kids clothing and stuff.  So who would think someone would trade in doll items for money?  Well sure enough they did!  This weekend I found two incredible items at an unbelievable price.

American Girl Day bed and bedding:  This is in mint condition, not a scratch on it.  It was missing one mattress and the sheets.  So I got to work and made the missing pieces. I found fabric to match the colors of the other pieces. It is now Saige’s bed and it has a bottom bed for a friend.

Here is the bottom portion ready for a friend to visit.

Look who just came to visit Saige!  Her name is Terry, she is a MAG with blue eyes, black hair and medium skin tone.  She wants Saige to come join the others at the beach.  Terry was found at the same store as the bed, she came fully dressed in one of the school outfits (long sleeve with purple and raspberry stripes, shoes and panties).  She too looks to be in mint condition and her hair is beautiful like brand new.

Close up of Terry, she came with pierced earrings.

These two items were 40% off what you normally pay at the AG store and although I was not looking for these, they do make a great addition to Saige’s collection.

So, when visiting shopping centers, do not take anything for granted, you might find the unexpected!