I just LOVE the before and after photos Diana sends us of dolls she has rescued – whether from Goodwill, a Thrift Store, eBay or otherwise.  Let’s take a look at what she has been up to lately!

This doll is Gotz and she is Jessica from Precious Day with a different hair style then my previous Jessica.  This one needed a lot of TLC, she came with her original clothes, no accessories but as you see her hair was a mess, she also had her nails painted and some trace of make up on her face. I paid less than $30 for her on Goodwill’s auction site including shipping.

I wanted to do something different with her hair, so I decided to curl it.  She went into Diana”s Doll Hospital immediately, her nail polish was removed so as the make-up on her face. I used water and combed out the tangled hair and then I use the rollers to do two layers of rollers: upper and bottom.  This is the result.   This doll is now brand new, totally restored! She is labled Gotz, she is not Pottery Barn Kids, I think she is pre PBK.

Some great finds from the weekend…

Hannah loves to perform, here she is wearing the retired tap dancing outfit from 2009.  Found it on Craigslist for $20, looks to be complete.

Sarah loves to ice skate and dreams of some day being a famous ice skater.  She loves to perform her routines on ice.  She is wearing the retired ice skating outfit.  Craigslist for $20.

Sarah was getting ready for bed, but thought she could bring her pillow to Mommy’s bed for a little while.  She is wearing a nightgown made by Disney for their toddler princess.  Found it at Marshall’s for $2.

Lily was over joyed with her new dress and her new doll.  She is wearing the retired Valentine’s outfit which I found on Craigslist for $15 with shoes and her porcelain doll I found for $2 at Goodwill.

Here is my new addition, just could not resist the price and they will no longer be available.  Claudia is a Gotz doll that is sold as FAO Classic at Toys R Us for $59. She is an 18″ slim body doll. She was too adorable not to be with her sisters.  She is a little darker skin complexion then Hannah, and her hair is in a bob style, she comes wearing glasses which I find so cute. Of course she is now in the beauty salon getting her hair done correctly.  She also came with the backpack, and her extra set of clothes is a soccer outfit.

And finally, for you… a Mini Story – Welcome to Caroline’s World!

Caroline sees Claudia and waves. Caroline says to Claudia, hi can you please help me?  I need to get this baby calf back to the barn.  Claudia helps by guiding the calf from behind.

Before Caroline can play she must help with the chores. Claudia wants to help too and brings a basket of corn and squash from the garden.  Caroline is almost done cutting the lemons.

Finally the girls can play.  Sarah and Hannah join Caroline for a game of jump rope.  It is Caroline’s turn to jump in, will she make it?

When evening comes, the girls get a chance to show off their talents.  Caroline plays the piano, Claudia plays the flute, Hannah loves to sew and Sarah loves to read.  This is the relaxing time of the day.

The girls are best friends.  They gathered together for a group portrait, something they can share forever.

Here is a close up of the “Friends Forever” in Caroline’s World.

Thank you for sharing your amazing doll transformations, finds and stories with us today Diana!! We always look forward to what is new from you!