**This post is dedicated to Ahmie – after you finish reading Brandy’s great post, you will see the Tea with Ahmie photos that some of our readers have sent in. To send Ahmie even more well wishes, visit the Facebook event – Tea with Ahmie.

My oldest daughter wanted to have an Anne of Green Gables tea party with a few of her friends.  Since all of these cute little girls were also big American Girl lovers I decided to extend the tea party into a play-date and create a doll sized version of the tea party.  My daughter gave me any extra challenge.  She REALLY wanted everything in the doll sized party to match the real thing.  Hmmm…  here is how I did it.

First, I needed to find a doll sized tea set.  I was very lucky to find a Paint and Pretend Mini Tea Set by Creativity for Kids.  This set is actually made for child play.  It is way too small for child play, but works perfectly for doll play.  Plus, I loved that it was all white so it would match my real white Fiesta ware tea set.  This set can be painted to match an endless variety of décor for your doll’s festivities.  I found this set at Jo-Ann Fabrics and with a coupon cost $9.00.

For the tea I used Easy Cast clear casting epoxy resin.  You mix equal parts resin with hardener.  For the color I used Castin-Craft opaque color pigment in brown.  You only need a tiny drop of pigment to get the desired color.  You can purchase the resin kit at Michael’s craft store with coupon it costs around $8.00 or on Amazon.  The pigment was purchased at http://www.beadaholique.com/ but can also be found on Amazon.  Pigments cost around $5.00 each with coupon.  Plus, this site offers great shipping incentives.

The Cordial Cups were made out of communion cups, two clear pony beads, and a clear button.  The Cordial Decanter is a bud vase I purchased at Target in a set of four for $5.00.  The decanter lid is a clear shooter marble with four small buttons glued one on top of the other.  Once again I used resin with red opaque color pigment.

For the creamer I used resin with white opaque color pigment.  For the sugar I added sea salt to the left over white resin I used for the creamer, mixed together to get a thick consistency and added to the dish.

The table cloth was actually a very large table cloth that I purchased on amazon.com and cut down to make a tablecloth for my actual kitchen table and a smaller version for the doll table.  I decided to do this because I couldn’t find a large enough width of fabric to completely cover my kitchen table without it having a seam.  Plus, the tablecloth I purchased on amazon.com was a much cheaper route to go at only $9.00.  The lace cover table cloth was found at Wal-Mart for $8.00.  The doll table cover is a lace placemat found on ebay for $4.00.

All of the doll sized treats are erasers that were found at Target in the dollar bins or party favor aisle.

The table is from Payne Street Doll Boutique on Etsy.  The tea cart is a recycled pet gurney from Payne Street Doll Boutique’s Pet Hospital Boarding Set.

Here are pictures of the real tea party table and cordial decanter / glass.  My daughter was so excited how everything turned out!  I think the real thing and the doll version matched up very well.


More about the Anne of Green Gables doll in a previous post.

This post is dedicated to Tea With Ahmie.  

And now for a few of the Tea with Ahmie photos you have all sent in.

From Kristen L.– My dolls and I would like to wish Ahmie and her family the best! In honor of Ahmie, K2 and mini Elizabeth are having tea!

Sophie and Kevin are having a cup of tea on the grass. They send wishes to Ahmie and her family. Wishes, Meg_DollFanInAfrica

Mosi and Rapuzel drink tea and hangout – from Isabella

From Tiffany K – Cecile and Evelyn are making Valentine’s for their friends and a special one for Ahmie.  We wish Ahmie all the best!

Thank you for sending these photos in!