When Patience and Merida get together for a play day, anything can happen!  So let’s check what happened during the play day….

Well,  Merida refused to kiss the frog and did not get her cookie, but Patience was very nice to Merida.  “Look Merida,” said Patience,  “my kitty loves to be petted, do you want to pet her?”

“Sure” said Merida, “she feels so soft.”

All of a sudden, Patience heard her mom calling her.   I will be right back said Patience.

Merida was alone in the room, so she picked up Patience’s frog, and started to talk to it.  “Mr Frog,” said Merida, “I really want that cookie, but……”

Merida could not say another word.  Mr Frog  jumped and before Merida could react,  he gave her a kiss!

Merida jumped back, oh no what is happening?   Colorful smoke appeared!

Merida could not believe it, a boy stood in front of her,  he looked like he was the same age.

Merida had to act quick! “Who are you? Where did you come from?”  She asked so many questions, the boy had no time to respond. Then Merida heard Patience coming, she had to put a plan in place, so….

She decided Patience could not know what she did.    “Quick hide under the table” said Merida to the boy.  The boy did as he was told,  but soon found he did not fit.  “Oh no,” said Merida…..

But it was too late, Patience walked in.   “Oh my goodness,” said Patience, “what has happened Merida?”

Merida gave Patience one of her looks… “Well you wanted a Prince didn’t you?” she told Patience.

“Now I want my cookie!   The frog kissed ME and he showed up” said Merida.

Patience quickly took his arm, “Do you mean he is my prince?” asked Patience.

“Well, No!” said Merida, “he is my friend because he came to me.”

“No, No” said the little boy,  “I do not play with girls!  I do not know what happened, but I belong in the woods.”

The girls were too busy arguing with each other.

So they did not notice when the little boy waved good -bye.   He was glad to go back into the woods.   Merida and Patience, finally gave up looking for the little boy and decided to play together.

So who was the little boy?  I tracked him down in the woods, he is:

Kristoff from the movie Frozen, he is the 16″ Animators style doll.  He is the first and only boy doll created in this line of dolls.  I wish his hair would not be plastic, but he is so cute,  I can overlook it.

Merida and Patience learned their lesson…..be careful what you wish for!

Fun Facts:
1. Kristoff can be found online at the DisneyStore.com.   He is so popular he is rarely on the store shelf for long.
2. Disney also has both Anna and Elsa available as part of the animator collection.  Elsa is also very popular and was not on the shelf  but was online.  I personally liked Anna who was on the shelf.   They both may find their way into my collection in the near future.