An American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight

Are you excited about “An American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight” – the American Girl of the Year movie that comes out this summer? The movie stars Erin Pitt as Isabelle, Grace Davidson as Jade and Saara Chaudry as Chloe. The movie is available for pre-order now from Amazon and is scheduled for release to purchase on July 22. You may be able to watch it sooner if you attend one of the movie premier events at your local American Girl store and if I am right, it should be scheduled to be televised the first week of July. I’ll update this if I find out the exact dates.

According to the Universal Home Entertainment site, the synopsis of the movie is: “Nine-year-old Isabelle is an inspired dancer with a flair for fashion design. She’s thrilled to be studying ballet at a prestigious performing arts school, but her classmates are so talented–and she can’t help feeling that she’s always in the shadow of her “perfect” older sister, Jade. So when her idol, a famous ballerina, encourages her to audition for a professional ballet, Isabelle isn’t sure she can land the role. And when a competitive classmate starts pointing out Isabelle’s every mistake, her confidence sinks even further. Can she find the courage to step into the spotlight and discover her own way to shine?”

The official trailer and extra videos are on You Tube and the American Girl website.

So, what do you think? Does it look better than Saige, McKenna or Chrissa’s movies?