Hi there! It is Natalie and today I have a special review on Grace’s movie – officially titled An American Girl – Grace Stirs Up Success, so let’s go ahead and begin.

I want to start off saying how fun this movie was! I loved the story line and bright colors and the beautiful scenery. I am currently in my second year of learning French so I could really connect with the story and it was much more enjoyable for me. Not to mention I love macarons. 😉 

Grace Stirs Up Success

 A big part of what I loved in the movie were the outfits. Not only were they stylish, they were also something that girls that age would really wear. Too cute! Along with the outfits, I really loved the bakery Grace’s uncle had in Paris. It was gorgeous, and the treats looked pretty yummy as well!

As for things I didn’t like so much, the music never really stood out to me all that much. With American Girl movies I normally really enjoy the music and end up purchasing the soundtrack, too, but I do not think I will be doing that this time. Another thing was the Master Chef scene at the end of the movie, maybe I found it to be a little odd because I read all the books and wasn’t expecting it, I just didn’t think it fit in super well.

Overall I think that with a run time of 2 hours and 44 minutes this might be one of the longest AG movies, but it is one of my favorites for sure! I would say that ages 8+ would enjoy it most, keeping in mind that during parts in the movie there are subtitles to read when characters speak in French. 

Total stars: 4/5

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