We are getting pretty close to the end of our Doll of the Day series so I am skipping it today, but instead, how about an afternoon with April – MyAG #57?

Remember the Fairy Garden I started a few weeks ago? For Mother’s Day I got the perfect Fairy Door for it. April hasn’t seen any fairies come out yet, but she is hopeful that she will see one soon.

April is excited for Camp Doll Diaries, especially now that she has her one of a kind Camp Leader t-shirt that our dear friend Diana made for her. What a wonderful surprise today!!

What’s that? The cats are hungry? April couldn’t reach their bowl so she figured she could just put a few bits of kitty kibble on the ground for them. Obviously Fritz doesn’t mind, but Charlie is not too sure about this visitor.

Off to the rocks to look for baby frogs. We didn’t see any of them this afternoon but we did see some Cicadas – eww, yuck!

We couldn’t forget the birds either – good thing April helped fill up the bird feeder. Maybe we will get lucky and see more birds in the morning getting some food.

What do you think of April’s new shirt? Pretty awesome, huh? We won’t be giving out this exact shirt this summer during Camp Doll Diaries, but we will have some fun and different prizes for Natalie’s Photo Challenges throughout the summer.

Look for the Camp Doll Diaries Welcome Letter, Camper Information Cards and Name Badges later this week!

Have a great evening!