Yes, Diana added a new friend to her collection recently. She has been on the look out for a certain American Girl My AG, and she popped up in Craigslist this week. She is not very sought after because of her hair, but this doll really has amazing features/combination. She has ringlets, beautiful green eyes and medium skin tone – also known as MyAG #44. Diana found her in mint condition, still in her box from 2009, with tags and book. Yes, back in 2009 the MyAG included a book. The person had bought her and put her on a closet shelf and did not realize she had her until she did some spring cleaning. Diana got her for a steal! 

The book that came with Amika listed several girl names and their meaning,  Diana picked the name of Amika meaning friend.

Friends at the Park – Among all the rain, it appears that Amika found time to fly her kite at the park. There she saw Sammie walking her dog Doodles. Doodles spots the squirrels running up the tree, hold on tight Sammie!

Amika’s photo shoot – a view from different angles.

Close up of Amika

Items that came with Amika – box, outfit and book

So does Amika have family kins?  Possibly she came from the line of New Orleans ancestry.  Take a look at Amika and Cecile.  Different face mold, slightly different hair style but those green eyes are close…

Here is a closer look at both Amika and Cecile.

Thanks Diana for sending these in – what a beautiful doll Amika is and she is a great new addition to Diana’s amazing doll family.