I did it. I went ahead and completed our collection of the American Girl special-edition 25th Anniversary mini dolls before Christmas. And now that all the girls are here, we definitely have some new favorites!

American Girl 25th Anniversary Mini Dolls Collection

I am so glad that mid-way through the year American Girl decided the girls needed stands because when we first got them every time my daughter opened her dresser drawer someone fell over. So from left to right we have: Samantha, Felicity, Kirsten, Addy, Molly and Josefina. On the bottom row we have Kaya, Kit, Julie, Rebecca, Cecile and Marie-Grace.

Complete collection of American Girl Minis

This photo includes the mini books, too. So, which one is my favorite? In the mini version, my favorite is Addy followed by Julie then Rebecca. I don’t think Kaya did well when they shrunk her and neither did Marie-Grace. As far as their outfits go, I love Josefina, Kaya and Cecile’s. I’m not that impressed with Molly’s or Kit’s in this mini version.

American Girl Minis

A close up look at Samantha, Felicity, Kirsten and a little bit of Addy. I really need to go back and spritz everyone’s hair and smooth it into place with a new toothbrush to get rid of all the little flyaway hairs.

American Girl Minis

Close ups of Kirsten, Addy, Molly and Josefina. Molly’s poor glasses – they just don’t stay on well in this version.

American Girl Minis

Kaya, Kit, Julie and Rebecca up close. I love Kaya’s dress and hair, but her face just looks odd.

American Girl Minis

Rebecca, Cecile and Marie-Grace finish up the close ups.

American Girl mini books

And the covers of all the books – which are not in order.

It feels great to have the collection complete and it will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come, too.