We were in the area of the Washington DC American Girl store at Tyson’s Corner yesterday for one of Natalie’s swim meets and so we just *HAD* to stop in! We did not get there until 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon so the Bistro was already closed, but we still had plenty of time to shop before they closed at 7. I posted a few photos as we went along on Facebook and it was fun to see what all our readers there had to say! And sorry if some photos are a bit dark, all I had was my iPhone with me for taking pictures.

American Girl Molly

So, as much as I really wanted to get Molly, I decided to wait a little longer. There were a few little things on my list that I knew I could only get in the store so I went for those instead. Maybe next time Molly will come home with me. I will do a whole separate post on Molly and share the rest of the in-store photos of her collection I took, too.

We spent quite a bit of time on the upper level looking at the store exclusives and the historical dolls.

American Girl Cecile Marie-Grace Courtyard Furniture

Here is Marie-Grace and Cecile with Argos the dog and their Courtyard Furniture. The only thing I can compare this to is Kit’s Table which is also metal and very heavy!


Natalie and I kept looking at Josefina over and over. Natalie has decided we only need three more dolls from the current historical collection – Molly, Ruthie and Josefina. ONLY?? Not to mention we just may have to have Caroline when she comes out, too. We are running out of doll space.


Next we headed downstairs to where they have Bitty Baby and the Twins, the MyAG stuff and more McKenna items. Natalie decided to use some of her own money to make Calista (#39) a new t-shirt. We had never done the Creativi-tees activity before and really, for $10, it is one of the more affordable ways to feel like you got the American Girl experience without breaking the bank. It would be a fun party favor or way to celebrate a good report card. The way it works is you pick your shirt – short sleeved or long sleeved, then color – white, pink or periwinkle. Next you select from about 20 different iron on transfers. The attendant creates your shirt for you and you can watch her using the press through a window. They bring the shirt back out to you and package it in a doll sized American Girl shopping bag! Too cute!

One photo I WISH I could have taken but didn’t was one of the AG workers bringing an arm full of dolls down the escalator. It was quite a sight! I made a comment to her about it and she said that “her dolls” had a rough day in the Bistro (they were all the dolls that guests can use) and that they needed to go to the salon for some pampering. Next thing I know the ladies in the doll salon are wiping the dolls faces and limbs down and re-doing their hair, too. It was very sweet.

Every American Girl store experience we have had is a bit different. The one thing I noticed about this trip is that they really hadn’t changed much around in the store since we were there in January. But, once Caroline comes out and the holiday releases are in store, I know it will get changed up.

American Girl store exclusives

You didn’t think we would go shopping and forget about you, do you??? I picked up an extra black tee and doll sized doll carrier to giveaway to one of our readers later this week. If I have time I will start this giveaway later today!

Have a great day!