One of the best parts about visiting the American Girl stores is being able to buy “souvenirs” that are not sold through the website or catalog. Yes, you can still get them if you call and order through a Personal Shopper at the store, but that’s not quite the same.

American Girl Washington DC doll shirt

Let’s start with the signature American Girl stars doll shirt that is available at the stores only. This one is specifically for Washington DC.

And Chrissa modeling her hair style that she had done at the Hair Salon, her American Girl Washington DC shirt, the white crop jeans with red fabric tie belt that are in the souvenirs section and the long retired red espadrilles from the old American Girl Club program.

American Girl cami and sleep shorts that are available for dolls and they also come in girl sizes.

The American Girl tee shirts come in red but they also have a black one now that is a baby doll cut shirt. It is available for girls and dolls. You can also get a Treat Seat so your doll can join you at the table anyday of the week. The Treat Seats are used in the Bistro and at the Sweets Bar so your doll can have just as much fun as you. There is also a pretend “treats” set complete with cake and ice cream – so your doll does not get hungry.

Don’t want red? There are souvenir tops, hoodies and skirts in pink instead. I think the beret and scarf are cute! These come in doll sizes and girl sizes, too.

Summer time is here and these dolls are ready in their exclusive swimwear that you can only get at the American Girl stores. Also available in girl sizes.

Now you can get the American Girl doll carrier bags for your doll’s doll! Sweet as can be!! The black Ruffle Cap, sunglasses, black American Girl tee and boots look great with jeans. Molly is ready for an adventure.

These are just some of the American Girl store exclusives you can get at the Washington DC (Tyson’s Corner) and other stores. Each store has its own style and selection of items available. And, stay tuned for more photos from our day at American Girl Washington DC.