There are quite a few new things on the American Girl website this morning – from an adorable hiking outfit and tent for dolls to a great lacrosse outfit for dolls (now we just need a field hockey stick for dolls and Natalie will be thrilled, but I digress). Cecile and Marie-Grace have some very pretty new items in the form of a summer collection, but get this – they are only available for a limited time – and AG doesn’t even tell us how long that is. It must be their latest way of creating a sense of urgency to make us click the BUY button.

American Girl Cecile Marie Grace Courtyard Set

The limited-time only items for Cecile and Marie-Grace include a metal courtyard style table and chairs, glassware and treats, and summer outfits for each girl. They are available while supplies last – so does that mean a week or 6 months?

We don’t have any of the Cecile and Marie-Grace collection yet, but these are beautiful items. I just can’t help but think AG is making them Limited Time Only to help create more interest in Cecile and Marie-Grace, as I have heard they are not selling as well as they expected them to.

The other items that are new that I think are cute include the tent and hiking outfits:

Although I bet our readers could make some pretty awesome doll tents of their own based on the creativity I know you all have!

There are a few other new outfits, but one I really like is the lacrosse outfit:

The detail in this set is spectacular – from the accurate goggles to the stick and ball to the skort and cleats!! While Natalie plays field hockey, I think this set is pretty close and her dolls just might have to have it.

So, what’s your take? Do you like the new items? Which ones (there is more than I listed here)? What do you think of the limited-time only concept?