American Girl Side Tie Tee Giveaway

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American Girl Store Exclusive tee

While Saige was basking in the limelight during her New Year’s Day festivities at American Girl DC, Julie was on a mission! She wanted to find a store exclusive item that would be perfect for everyday wear that she could get for herself and she could get for you too – well, ONE of you. She picked out the new side tie store exclusive tee with puffy sleeves, three stars down the side and a tie at the waist. It’s pretty cute – especially for doll school, walking the doll pets, and just relaxing with friends. (I thought it was a store exclusive tee because it was in that area, but a reader just pointed out that you can get this online, too. Oh well, it’s still adorable.)


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  5. The perfect store vist is bringing your doll with you to the store and picking out outfits for your doll.

  6. theresa n says:

    The perfect visit to me would be when their premiering a new doll.

  7. The perfect visit would be first picking out new outfits, then getting your dolls hairstyle done. You could also get a new doll and do lots of arts and crafts. You and your friends could have an excellent tour of the whole store and just have fun. And to top it off, you can go to the cafe and have a lovely meal with your doll!

  8. Following you on Instagram!

  9. At the american girl store, all you have to do is just have fun. Taking a trip to this store is fun, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time! When you go to the american girl store, you get to do various things but the greatest thing taking the lead is shopping! When you go shopping at the american girl store, you could just go wild! From new outfits to accessories and furniture to dolls you do not know what to pick out first! Just always remember to have fun on your trip!

  10. Trish Springer says:

    IMHO the perfect store visit means dropping by the AG salon to have a special “do” (with lots of pix to remember it) and then having tea and snacks with my daughter at the cafe, where we can discuss our purchases. cheers!

  11. My dolls really love the fun-loving girl outfit, and also this one! I especially like this outfit because #1 its purple!!!!!! and #2 I got Mia for Christmas, and I would love to get her some skates.
    I hope that I win!

  12. stephanie says:

    pinned it but got the usual early morning 502 error from them

  13. Thats so cute. I would go anytime to an American girl store with my doll.

  14. my favorite is when I got my first doll then the next day had lunch and birthday cake and ice cream!!!
    oh and getting my picture taken with kanani!! oh and trying to decide between Kanani and jly #47(I got jly 47 btw) and just walking around and looking around at all the displays

  15. Making a just like you/My American girl doll Because I thing its fun to mix & match things to get the perfect doll and knowing that its YOUR doll that you “designed” and being able to treasure the moments forever.

  16. Ag Doll Fan Mayra says:

    My favortie had to be the video of my opening my very first doll at Ag place L.A, It made me cry! Also my favortie had to be my second doll and my cafe video! DOLL DIARIES ROCK!

  17. I had my grandma follow you on facebook

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  20. Hi, I think the perfect store memento would be a brand new doll.

    im on karis’s account but this is hannah she told me about the giveaway

  21. I gave u a shout out on instagram

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  23. in my opinion it is getting your first doll the one you always wanted out of all the dolls there are getting your first doll or a doll is the best memento because they will be with you for a long time and they are the thing you want to most the second best thing is a exclusive as you cant get them on the web sight and that makes the special but for me it is a doll as you get to pick them there and say i want you

  24. Told my sister

  25. The perfect visit is taking your doll to the store and picking out acessories. Then, having a perfect meal at the cafe. Afterwards, going ice skating with your BFF and dolls at the outdoor rink in NYC. I don’t know about everyone else but that is my dream visit

  26. i have never been to the american girl store but my mom says she is taking me and my sister on spring break this year. i am very excited i think its going to be fun spending time with my mom and sister shopping for our dolls maybe new outfit and i really want to get my dolls hair styled pretty and then we can eat too , my mom like playing dolls with us dressing them cute and fixing their hair so when we go i am sure we will have a great day spending time togther and of course SHOPPING :))

    thank you doll diaries
    i like your website :))))))))))))))))))

  27. Love the cafe and girls eating with their dolls at the table! Then shopping of course!

  28. eating my pretzel balls and having pepper (my ag dog) get his own little dish!!!

  29. So it was my first time going to The ag store in LA, my fave memory there was the Cafe, because there were lots of good food to eat there, my doll got to sit next to me, and because I got spend it with my Dad and my older sister I will never forget my very first trip to the grove at the American Girl place!

  30. I posed it to my blog and told a Firend Alyssa!

  31. Ag Doll Fan Mayra says:

    Posted on my sisters blog, on Istagram shared with 5 other friends, posted on face book…..

  32. I haven’t been to one of the stores yet,but we’re going to the Atlanta store for my birthday. We might could see some of the displays like the GOTY section.I might get my picture taken with the human-size Saige in her balloon.For lunch we will go to the cafe and let McKenna sit with us (she’s my only doll).After lunch,we will probably go to the hair salon to get McKenna’s hair styled professionally and then my personal favorite…………SHOPPING!!!!! It shall be the best birthday ever!

  33. I haven’t been to any store yet because they don’t have American Girl stores here.But I I’m going to Atalanta too and gonna buy saiges accessorys cause I got saige for my birthday Jan.9.and I’m gonna bring my just like you dollars buy saige,her,and I matching items!!!

  34. My mom liked Doll Diaries on Facebook :)

  35. I love being able to bring my dolls to the store and not feeling old or getting stared at!

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  38. Getting my first doll, brand new, and at the AG store and on the debut. That is my best memory even if the photo didn’t come out the best.

  39. I pinned to pinterest. I shared this on facebook through my page and Aunt Sissy Originals page.

  40. Followed you on Pinterest

  41. Picking out Saige and the cafe and the hair salon

  42. My first visit to the AG store and picked out my second AG doll

  43. The most perfect store visit is picking out clothes for my doll. :)

  44. Jenny Martin says:

    My girls enjoy getting a small accessory for their dolls and having the store put it the smallest AG shopping bag…that way they and their dolls walk out with a shopping bag with a special treat inside and they always play with the bags when pretend shopping at home!!!

  45. I pinned your latest dollhouse and I already follow your board

  46. Paige Madie says:

    the most perfect store visit is getting more dolls or store aperal for them

  47. I think the perfect momento is getting your dolls hair done in the salon

  48. The best moment I had was when i picked out my fist doll, Josephina. Her hair is versatile and hold styles well.

  49. The perfect store visit was when I took my oldest daughter,McKenna, to pick out her first AG doll McKenna for her birthday. Had to buy her namesake doll for her! The look on her face when the sales person took the doll out of the box was priceless!

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