American Girl’s re-introduction of Samantha’s collection is becoming one of my favorites.  When I saw the new items recently released I knew they would be awesome, so let’s take a look…

The gazebo was not available when the Spring release was announced and was advertised as becoming available in March.  In tracking the item on the AG website I noticed it became available and free shipment was also available.  So it was the perfect timing for the gazebo to come home.   The box was smaller then I had envisioned and everything looked very well packed.  It was light weight.

Inside was an envelope with very colorful pictures showing how to decorate the gazebo.

Inside were the paper decorations which can be easily detached.  Also three packs of double sided mini foam stick-on came in the package.  I probably will not use these, but instead will create my own decorations using items from the craft stores.

It is amazing how well packed this item came and no foam was used, very little packing material.  All the pieces are plastic except for the floor. The floor is heavy and made out of pressed wood.

The little lanterns are very colorful. They are plastic with metal handles.

All the pieces outside the box and ready to be assembled.

The instructions look simple and easy to follow.

The floor unfolds and lays flat.  The columns snap in easily.  Once the columns are in then the decorative plastic  sides snap in at the top to continue the top design.

Next comes the roof  top.  The roof  is light weight plastic and each piece snaps into the other, creating the octagonal  roof.   The trick to putting the roof pieces together is to snap the bottom and then push together the top snap and push down on the middle snap.

This is what it looks like when all three snaps are in place.

The spider plastic frame as I call it snaps in at the edge of the inside of the roof top.

Next the roof top is ready to be put in place.  It is not heavy so placing the roof  top on top of the columns and lining the pegs up was very easy.

Here are the pegs and once lined up, a little push snaps it in.

The final piece is the very top.  It completes the gazebo assembly.

The girls love the gazebo.  Notice the lanterns, they light up.   The lanterns turn themselves off after a little while.  They have a small push button on the bottom to turn them on and off  if pushed twice.

The gazebo has two sides which are tall and two sides which are the perfect height and can be used as banisters.  Sam loves to sit on the banister and fans herself with her fancy laced fan.

I wanted to see if all the pieces released in Sam’s collection would fit and to my surprise they do!   Sam invited Marietta to come visit and enjoy some treats.

A close up of the cart and all it’s treats, including the very nice flowers in the basket.

A close up of the girls in the gazebo enjoying an afternoon of girl talk.

Samantha’s gazebo seemed overpriced at $200, but after setting it up and seeing it up close, it is worth the price.  It is very detailed and looks so realistic, it comes very well packed and easy to put together.  American Girl did put a lot of thought in creating this piece and there is nothing on the market close to it.  I can see lots of play time for all who decide to include this in their collection no matter the age.

If this is the beginning of Samantha’s collection – I can not wait to see what else AG will create.  What would you like to see as part of Samantha’s collection?

Fun Facts:
1.  All items were purchased by me as part of my collection.
2. The opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.