American Girl Pop Up Play Scenes and Paper Dolls

Kit and Julie's Pop Up Play Scenes and Paper Dolls

So has anyone else seen these yet? We were at BJs Wholesale Club the other day when Natalie found these cool American Girl sets.  They had Julie’s Pop-Up Play Scenes & Paper Dolls and Kit’s Pop-Up Play Scenes & Paper Dolls. Each one pops up tor make different scenes and contains paper versions of each girl’s accessories.  They sell for about $20.

I am not sure where else you can find these or which other dolls they made them for. I’m half tempted to go back and get one just to see what it is like and to determine if it is a good play value set.


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  1. I have seen them at sams club

  2. Those are always at my Costco. Never really paid much attention to them though. But they looked really cool. Will probably ask for the Julie one for Christmas.

  3. nicolette says:

    secondie! yeah i’ve seen those before

  4. I’ve seen them at Costco. :)

  5. Bella S. says:

    Karen- same here I have 5 of them now.
    Oh, that reminds me, anyone here who shops @ costco during the holidays they have the historical book set with each ones mini doll for $20!

  6. qtlol10 says:

    Havent seen them, but Ill have to stop by the BJs by my house! Also, Bella S. thx 4 telling me! Great info!

  7. qtlol10 says:

    Well, all of us, sorry.

  8. I have the rebecca one. I love that for $20 you can have almost her entire collection and more made of paper (I’d rather make my own, but that’s a personal thing).

  9. Never seen those !

  10. Cool!

  11. i love these i’m going to sp get one soon!!!

  12. They sell them at SAMs club

  13. hula girl says:

    These sound really cool, I wonder if they make them for all the historical dolls

  14. Anastasia says:

    I have noticed the AG section in Sam’s Club, but I keep forgetting to visit it. I bet these would be there.

  15. there is also a molly and rebecca at sams club. I have seen them there for a few months now.

  16. I’ve never heard of them, but I bet you could find them on Amazon or Ebay, maybe for even cheaper than $20, and free shipping (on Amazon) if your Prime. Through and through, I think it’d save you money to buy online.

  17. Brianna says:

    They have been in stores for a while now, Costco has them in every historical doll, I have julie, when the box pops ups it’s really big and great for storage.It comes with a book which has every outfit of Julie and ivy,also in the box if u have a mini doll it’s great for them,you can make Julie’s bed a chair set with little seacns,perfect for the mini dolls.i have the other Julie paper scens book ,and this is much better

  18. I saw tons of them at my bj’s they look soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!

  19. It would be great if u did a review! 😀

  20. Hannah O. says:

    i have seen these at costco. they rotate different AG stuff, they have had mckenna, kanani, and laine, sets with their books and an activity, and the pets.

  21. Hannah O. says:

    oops.. they didnt actually sell the dolls, those were the characters they had for sale

  22. Maddie – they are not on Amazon – I checked there first.

  23. I looked everywhere for any info on these sets when I first got Beckie’s, and I couldn’t find anything, even on

  24. Alexandra says:

    These at cute but it seems expensive for something that I could make myself!!

  25. wow those are really cool. i only have julie’s paper doll set.

  26. I know this has nothing to do with the post, But does anyone know where to get Colonial clothes for dolls? I decided to get Felicity over Noelle. Lots of reasons Felicity is historical and she is better quality and would fit better in my doll family and BFC ink closed down. I checked out their website it’s gone. They say no longer active. I am truly happy I am getting Felicity because this is probably my last chance. Yeah so does anyone know where to get Colonial clothes for my Felicity Doll?

  27. Ashly – there are lots of sellers on Etsy and eBay that sell Colonial style clothes for 18″ dolls

  28. My aunt mentioned this before…she said, “I saw a big american girl circle thing for $20 dollars at Costco, I think it’s accessories.” I was like oh please, a big americangirl thing for $20, it probably wasn’t AG. I was thinking, AG is way to expensive for that! But, she was right! Anyway so based on what she told me I think they sell them at some Costcos near the american girl books and things. The reason why I said some Costcos is because I couldn’t find one at mine.

  29. Hannah O. says:

    they only sell the costco AG stuff in store

  30. I have both the original Julie paper doll book and the Play scenes w/ Julie and Ivy. But this one looks a lot cooler! I may have to look into this!

  31. I have seen these at Costco. I also bought the Rebecca and Marie Grace mini doll and book sets. I would get one of these but I have all the ones they offer in the regular paper dolls and play scenes. I also got the Rebecca fashion studio at Costco but it came with a lot more stuff. The best part is not only did it come with the Rebecca paper doll, but the Ana one as well!! It was the doll version. Hmm, next doll to get a best friend? Hey Char, do you want me to send pics and a review? You can’t get it at the store anymore but maybe online.

  32. Sure Emma – that would be great!

  33. I want the Kit one!!! I am sad that I dont have a membership to Costco..bummer!

  34. Is there anywhere on the internet I can buy them? Because I don’t have a BJ’s, Sam’s or a Costco in Australia,

  35. Erin – you can check eBay, but I don’t know anywhere else.

  36. They are at Sam’s and Costco for $19.99. I have seen one for all of the current historical dolls except for Marie-Grace and Cecile. I never got any of them because I didn’t know whose I wanted. Julie’s has her bedroom and a place to hang her clothes, Kit’s has a sleeping bag. They always have something American Girl. Before these sets, they had a Kanani shave ice cup gift set and a Grow your own Herbs with Lainie set. They also usually sell their doll parties, doll school, etc super sets with a fold out chair and table. I got a party set with cups, napkins, hotdogs, and game.

  37. I might get one of these to occupy my girls next time we go on vacation. It would be nice to have a compact set that they could play dolls with since we try not to take the full-sized dolls everywhere.

  38. Megan!!!!!! says:

    cool!! i have never seen this before!!!!! and at sam’s they have this thing for each historical and i came with their mini doll and a activity book! it was really cool!!!

  39. Megan!!!!!! says:

    i mean it lol

  40. Really cool!!!!!!!!

  41. Char thank you for telling me about Etsy. I looked up Colonial clothes on Etsy and found this seller who sells GORGEOUS and wonderful quality colonial dresses. The dresses come with a cape, a pinner cap and a cute little purse. :) The dresses are just stunning and have beautiful lace on them. Thank you Char for telling me about Etsy. :) Here is the link to the place if anyone wants to check it out.

  42. megan- ive seen those to! I got one with mini kit years ago……………..

  43. i also got licorice there! When she was out, when the cute one was out` the old one

  44. Never seen them before in my life but seem cool, anyone know of places to find Marie-Grace and Cecile, Addy or Kirsten type clothes for dolls, that aren’t too fancy

  45. Serena, try Etsy. I’d recomend Terristouch, she has a lot of simple fashions for historicals.

  46. Thanks Lena i have a doll that I am basing off a book charchter the book takes place in 1870 her family has some money but not a ton terristouch looks like it has what I am looking (and i get to keep my arm and leg and my frist born :))

  47. i saw this set at sams club

  48. Cynthia says:

    I bought the Kit one at BJ’s about a month ago. I’m waiting until Christmas to give it to my daughter. They told me that they are being discontinued. They were surprised I found any in their store. Not sure how much longer they will have them.