UPDATED with Pictures! Saige American Girl of the Year 2013 – What We Know So Far

UPDATE 11/2/2012 with photo of the DOLL Saige American Girl of the Year 2013

American Girl of the Year 2013 Saige  American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige

Here is a photo of American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige that her whole meet outfit including her cute boots. These two photos are directly from an anonymous source who gave me permission to post the photos she took.  All I know is that I LOVE the freckles! American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige is definitely cute and I think she will be very popular!

Even more updates on Saige GOTY 2013 here.

UPDATE 10/26 with illustration and movie news.

We got our first peek at what Saige the American Girl GOTY 2013 is going to look like (Thanks Lena). On the corner of an upcoming book, Express Yourself! Use art to explore the emotions in you, there is an illustration of Saige with dark brown long hair, a blue top and skirt, cowboy boots and a light gray horse.

American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige picture

Based on the tiny picture of Saige, I really like her and I love her outfit!!

And in her movie news:

  • A few photos and updates from the filming of the Saige movie in Albuquerque. Jane Seymour and Amy Madigan are both confirmed cast members.
  • From a New Mexico Film press release:The film is produced by Debra Martin Chase (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Princess Diaries) and directed by Vince Marcello (McKenna Shoots for the Stars). The AMERICAN GIRL: 2013 GIRL OF THE
    YEAR movie is about a nine-year old creative, sensitive, and apprehensive girl who is devastated when her best friend comes back from summer camp with another best friend. She learns that the school has suspended all extracurricular activities. A big fundraiser is organized to bring back the activities to the school. Her misunderstandings with her peers, plus an accident that sidelines her beloved grandmother, stand in the way of
    her goals. Fortunately, over the course of the story, she gains confidence in herself, embraces change, and learns how to express her true feelings – all attributes that lead her to resounding success and renewed friendships.

UPDATED 9/24 – Now with name and book summaries!

Back in April we figured out the first clue to the who the American Girl GOTY 2013 will be when we found out that the illustrator of her books will be Sarah Davis – the same illustrator who drew the gorgeous illustrations in the Kanani books. You can verify that by reading the post Sarah did about the process of drawing Kanani and her scenes.

Quite a few readers sent me notes with the links to the GOTY 2013 book summaries from the Library of Congress website. The books are already available for pre-order (click link).

  • Meet Saige – American Girl of the Year 2013 – Book 1 by Jessie Haas and illustrator Sarah Davis – Upset that her New Mexico school can only afford music and art teachers in alternate years, fourth-grader Saige works with her grandmother, Mimi, to plan a fundraiser but when Mimi has an accident, Saige relies on new friend Gabi to help. (LOC link)And a more complete summary: Life is changing for our 2013 Girl of the Year. Her grandma is still recovering from the accident, and she misses the time they spent together. She takes comfort in riding Georgia, her grandma’s youngest horse. She knows her grandma needs cheering up, so our Girl of the Year comes up with a plan to restore their special art afternoons. Inspired by her grandma, she organizes a “Day of Beige” at her school to show how boring the world would be without creativity and color. Things are finally starting to get better, and then grandma tells her of plans to sell Georgia. Can our Girl of the Year find a way to keep the horse she loves – and help save the arts at her school?

And it looks like there is a movie in the works for 2013. According to a forum discussing the auditions they are looking for:

  • Alberta – fair complexion
  • Gayle – Latina
  • Dina – All ethnicities
  • Tasha – blond hair

We all know that these will NOT be the final character names. Supposedly the movie is being filmed in New Mexico as well. I will update when I get more “concrete” information.

Since this year’s GOTY was so heavily sports based, I am not surprised that the GOTY 2013 will be focused more on the arts. According to Jessie Haas’ website – “If you like horses or reading-or both!-you’ll be happy here. You’ll find horse books for all ages, historical and contemporary novels, poetry and history for adults.”

Let the guessing continue!


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  1. Erica W. says:

    American Girl is one of the few doll brands that DON’T freak me out.
    QUESTION : What do you think Saige’s hair will be like when you take her braid out?
    Frizzy? Curly? Wavy?
    ANOTHER QUESTION: Does anyone have the Soft-as-Snow Outfit? If so what’s your review?
    Thanks :)

  2. Kayla S. says:

    Oh my gosh she is beutiful have the last 2 other american girls of the year and I rwally need to stop looking every year LOL but I’m pretty sure I’m getting her for christmas

  3. Mayzee says:

    She is adorable!! :) I HAVE to buy her next year. I’d like to re-name her though,I’m not that big about the name Saige.

  4. Jenny says:
  5. Nina says:

    Oh, I’m sorry Lena! I thought you just meant OG. Sorry!

  6. Erika G says:

    The doll is so adorable r u going to buy her ?Her outfit is totos adorable i just love her outfit and her boots and she has earrings!:) Jesus loves u :)

  7. Amanda :D says:

    Venus- I know right! Converses are so cool. And doll ones? Amazing……
    So, we are POSITIVE that Saige is real cuz shes on eBay. Her last name is Copeland because it says it on her book.

  8. Kuza says:

    Hey Everyone!
    I really want Saige for my birthday, but I don’t think I want her named after a spice. I’ve come up with a few names and I want to know everyone’s opinion. Which is YOUR favorite out of the 5 names below?
    1. Annie
    2. Haley
    3. Lillian
    4. Brittnay
    5. Olivia

  9. Amanda :D says:

    Brittnay is my fav.

  10. Amanda :D says:

    *Takes a sip of water, looks that the Saige on eBay is $300, says “oh, thats cool- WHHA????”, spurts water all over the computer, computer explodes, earthquakes all ov-*, Maybe I’m going a little to far. A little.

  11. Amanda :D says:

    Sorry! I hit post comment before I was done. Saige is $300! Not on AG, but eBay. Thats cRaZy!!

  12. Saelynn Hicks says:

    Kuza, I think that Haylee, is your prettyest name.

  13. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I might get Saige to commemorate getting my first job. I’ll make Zumba clothes for her from Liberty Jane patterns. I might get her starter collection once I get my gym job.

  14. Venus says:

    @Kuza I like the names Haley and Lillian. 😀

  15. sky says:

    OMG cant wait for Jan 1 she is so cute looking

  16. Penny says:

    I LOVE saige!!! And can’t wait until she comes out!!! I really hope her horse Georgia comes out. That would be cantastic!!!

  17. Penny says:

    I can’t wait until Saige comes out. I really hope they come out with Georgia her horse. I LOVE her!!!

  18. keely says:

    after looking at mckenna’s two-in-one gymnasticks ofit i thought since this girl is a artisit and horse-rider maybe she will have a riding and painting two-in-one outfit.

  19. keely says:

    her last name is copeland

  20. keely says:

    go on ebay and click on the last picture. there is a very tiny pic of sagie paints the sky.

  21. agmustachefarts says:

    Does ANYONE think she looks like McKenna? Because if she does not look like McKenna I am saving up for her

    ANYONE tell me if you think she looks McKenna fast

  22. Amanda :D says:

    ^ Not really, x-ept the eyes.

  23. Ashleigh says:

    She’s sooo pretty!!! I am so saving up for her!!! But another girl who loves horses?? There should be a girl who loves sports like bastetball football and tennis and stuff. But she is still really pretty!

  24. Isabel says:

    The new doll Saige is so pretty and she will be one of the first doll I get next year

  25. Megz says:

    Kuza: I love the names Annie and Hayley

  26. Laura says:

    the coolest doll ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Marie Grace says:

    I can’t wait to get saige in 2013. She will be a great addition to my collection!

  28. Megz says:

    Nothing Better than the excitement of a new AG doll!

  29. Kaylee says:

    Did anyone notice her earrings are different here from the latest pictures that were posted? She has butterflies in the eBay pics.

  30. Sophia says:

    I want her. I notice she has earrings. And she looks like me. Also she loves to paint and so do i.

  31. Megz says:

    Wish she would come out before the holidays so we can get her as a great gift! But, I guess she wouldn’t be 2013 if she came out in 2012. :/

  32. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I think she will come with two pairs of earrings

  33. Kate says:

    She is so cute!!! I cant wait tell 1213! I just dont relly like the name saige.

    Witch do you like???
    Tell me witch name you like!! Comment the name and the name that gits the most comments will win!!!!

  34. I adore Saige!!!! I plan to get her in April 2013 when I go to the NYC American Girl Place with my BFF Angella. She’s so amazing thank you for letting us find out ahead of time who the 2013 Girl Of The Year is!!!!

  35. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Kate she looks like a Lilly.

    When Saige is mine, I might keep her surname or change it to Palmer. What should I do

  36. Rose G. says:

    I think saige is so cute and stilish that i will get the first copy of her.

  37. rose says:

    chhhh shes oooooooooooooook
    !to be the best doll eveer!
    im tots=totaly geting sage for cristmas

  38. Paige says:

    Ok, I know a LOT of people want Saigr but who in their right minds would buy a non-released doll for $300?! I mean, after Christmas, there is about a week to wait for her release. People can wait that long can’t they?