american girl 2012 It’s that time of year again! The time of year where American Girl doll fans of all ages start to wonder… they want to know… they just can’t wait… for the American Girl of the Year for the coming year. In this case it means we are all wanting to know just who the American Girl of the Year 2012 will be. I think we have been given some pretty good clues. I will be continuing to update this post as we get more information about the new doll, her story and sneak peeks.

HERE IS AN UPDATE (as of December 26):

Check: More Pictures of McKenna for a photo of her Loft Bed set

Here is another picture of the McKenna doll

Here is the long awaited photo of the AGOTY2012 doll McKenna Brooks from the Time Out Kids NY publication:

American Girl Mckenna Brooks GOTY 2012

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And an ad for her books (sent in by Samantha):

GOTY 2012 ad

HERE IS AN UPDATE (as of December 19):

It has been confirmed that the American Girl of the Year 2012 will be named McKenna Brooks. Supposedly the press have received their packets, but are under embargo (which means they agree to not say a word!) until December 26. Here’s hoping something surfaces before then, though. And I just found out that someone on the AGPlaythings message board has posted pictures of the GOTY 2012 book covers so it is just a matter of time before they show up elsewhere.

Here is a picture of McKenna the GOTY 2012:

Please note: I do not know the original source of this image. It was emailed to me, I have seen it on YouTube, have seen it posted on other blogs, and heard it was originally post on the AGPlaythings message board which I no longer have an account for.

There is also talk of McKenna having a new face mold – she is the first doll to have a “heart shaped” face – oh, the anticipation!

American Girl of the Year 2012 Books

We now have the official Library of Congress summaries. Looks like gymnastics, horses, disabilities awareness and teamwork are top themes in this series.

  • McKenna – Girl of the Year 2012 Book 1 (American Girl Today) by Mary Casanova – Seattle fourth-grader McKenna Brooks, who lives for gymnastics, struggles with school work until Josie, a tutor confined to a wheelchair, helps her with reading comprehension and much more. (Library of Congress summary)
  • McKenna, Ready to Fly – Girl of the Year 2012 Book 2 (American Girl Today)by Mary Casanova – When Seattle fourth-grader McKenna Brooks’ cast comes off she dives back into gymnastics training in hopes of making the competitive team, but after volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding center, she considers broadening her interests. (Library of Congress summary)
  • Activity Book: Take the ChallengeChallenge yourself and others to these furiously fast and fabulously fun games! Includes timed challenges, art challenges, puzzle challenges, kindness challenges, family challenges, holiday challenges, and more! Fun facts, write-in logs, reward certificates, and other cool tools, will help you improve your skills, monitor your scores, and motivate yourself in work and play. So, go! (Description from Amazon)

On the American Girl in-store events page, quite a few events for the debut of the GOTY 2012 have been added. For example:

Girl of the Year 2012 Debut

Your girl will flip for our newest Girl of the Year! At this special event, she can be among the first to learn about this new character’s world. Join us for demonstrations, crafts, free giveaways, and more. Free and open to the public. For girls ages 8 and up.

Girl of the Year 2012 Celebration

She’ll do cartwheels for our Girl of the Year 2012! At this special event, your girl can be one of the first to learn about the newest contemporary character. Includes a delicious meal, fun activities, and an American Girl book to take home. Reservations required. For girls ages 8 and up.

A Movie in the Works

While there has been a lot of discussion as to whether the American Girl movie that is currently in production is the direct to DVD movie that will accompany the American Girl of the Year 2012 release or is the long rumored Julie, An American Girl Musical theatrical release, based on a photo posted on Twipic by Nia Vardalos which shows Nia, Olympic Gymnast Cathy Rigby and author Mary Casanova, I think it is safe to say that the movie is for the GOTY 2012 and not Julie.

The movie, which is currently untitled is being filmed in Winnepeg, Canada. According to IMDB the current cast includes:

The movie synopsis is:

AMERICAN GIRL Velma is a wonderfully spirited, strong-willed young gymnast with Olympic aspirations, whose whole world comes crashing down when she is unexpectedly sidelined by an injury. Unfocused, with her grades slipping; she meets a tutor “Jane” and learns a few choice life lessons about what really matters.

And possibly more about the main characters from National Feature Film Casting:

  • McKenna – 9-12 years old. McKenna is a wonderfully spirited, strong willed, hard charging little girl whose whole world comes crashing down when she is unexpectedly sidelined. She meets Josie and learns a few choice life lessons about what really matters.
  • Josie– 12-15 years old, She is smart, funny, and instantly likeable. None of her spunk or spirit is hampered by the fact that she is confined to a wheelchair. She is hired to help McKenna and though they get off to a rocky start, they soon become inseparable. Josie gently guides McKenna through the minefield that pre adolescence can bring.
  • Toulane (not confirmed)- 9-12 years old. She is McKenna’s BFF and used to being #1 in all she does. When Toulane finds out McKenna lied to her about Josie, she is both hurt and confused. But the girls soon patch it up and figure out that more than just two girls can be BFF’s.


  • Big question – will AG release three dolls again like they did with Chrissa??
  • Why a gymnast? In my opinion, American Girl chose to have the GOTY 2012 as a gymnast because 2012 is an Olympic year and we all know that gymnastics is the darling of the summer games.


I will be updating this post as we get more information. If you have anything to add to the GOTY 2012 scoop, please email me at and be sure to cite your source – where you found the information or another way I can verify it.