American Girl Vancouver

For readers in the Charlotte, NC area, the grand opening will be October 11-12 at South Park Mall. Similar to many of the American Girl Store Grand Openings, they will be giving tickets to people in line and letting shoppers into the store in groups as they are expecting a very large crowd. From what I have heard, they will have a super cute store exclusive available as a purchase with purchase. Rumor has it, it is a backpack with shoes and socks to match.

The Orlando FL store opens a month after the Charlotte store and Hawaii has a temporary store opening the first weekend in October. That store will only be open for six months. It is the first temp location and will be used as a market test.

In other news, two more store openings are planned for 2015 – one in Nashville the other in Arizona.

What do you think? More stores = more fun places to visit, right?