So reports are that a flyer for the McKenna movie was in this month’s American Girl magazine which is arriving in subscriber mailboxes this week. Here is a photo of it sent in by a reader:

American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars Movie

So, from the photo we know the title is McKenna Shoots for the Stars, it will air Saturday, July 14 at 8pm on NBC and it will also be available on DVD. That is fantastic that it will be on a major network!

And you can see from the photo, the five major characters – McKenna, Josie, Toulane (in leotard) and McKenna’s parents.

American Girl McKenna movie

Sarah just sent this photo in which is that back of the insert.

This is going to be a fun movie! And as a random side note, I just realized my birthday is on Friday the 13th this year. Hmm….