Sorry for the relative quiet from me the last few days. I intentionally did not post Spotlight Sites this past Sunday because it was the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. It just didn’t feel right for me to post that day, so I didn’t. Look for new Spotlight Sites this weekend though!

Cecile and Marie Grace Just for Fun The other reason things have been a little quiet is that my Dad was in the hospital this week having his hip replaced. He is doing great and gets to come home from the hospital today, which leads me to today’s post. Yesterday I knew that my daughter (you all know her as Alex17 here) was going to have to go to the hospital last night to visit her Grandad (that’s my Dad) for a few hours. I was worried she might get bored so I stopped at the store and picked up the newest American Girl Just For Fun book for Cecile and Marie-Grace to give her something fun to do. Little did I know that she was going to be so into finishing the Rebecca Story Collectionthat she wasn’t initially interested in the new activity. However, we got to talking about Rebecca’s story and realized that Rebecca was born about the same time as my Grandmother (my Dad’s Mom) and my daughter found that to be pretty cool. She and her Grandad did talk a bit about that and then she got started in on the Just For Fun book.

What are the Just for Fun books? They are spiral bound books of puzzles, quizzes, recipes, crafts, bookmarks and other activities that are directly related to the historical doll they are about. For example, in the Cecile and Marie-Grace Just for Fun book there are recipes for mini Pecan Pies, how to make a paper chandelier, lots of puzzles and other fun activities. See the Table of Contents below for a better idea of what is in the books.

American Girl Just for Fun book

The Just for Fun books definitely have plenty of creative ways to help girls learn about the life and times of the individual historical characters. Additionally, the activities are very relevant and even Moms (and maybe Grandads πŸ˜‰ too) will have fun doing the activities and playing the games together.

Right now all of the American Girl characters have a Just For Fun book EXCEPT Addy and Kaya. For some reason those two have not got their activity books yet. Below are the rest of the books – you can find them at Amazon, most bookstores and even some grocery stores (which is where I found ours)! They are great as gifts, rainy day activities, car rides or to have on hand when you know you will be waiting for any length of time.

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Do you have any of the American Girl Just for Fun books for the historical characters? If so, which ones and what activities do you like best?