American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige Movie Pictures

One of our readers, agoverseasfan, has posted a video of pictures from the American Girl 2013 GOTY movie about their new character, Saige Copeland.

Click above to play or view on YouTube.

What do you think??? Thanks to agoverseasfan for posting these.

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  1. agoverseasfan, you rock! I think I may get Cecile before Saige. I usually receive 1 doll per year (birthday or Hanukkah) and this year it was a My Twinn. My mom bought me a knit skirt set and my father bought an athletic summer outfit (they are 2 feet tall, don’t think she can raid the AG drawers LOL!) and I am saving for this year’s Holiday dress. Saige seems so sad in the photos/movie – and what happens to Grandma mimi – you know, I think AG let this pretty cat jump out of the bag herself because McKenna backordered so early, they want to show us, wait, here’s 2013, “Meet Saige Copeland”


  2. Yay! is ag going 2 do a movie 4 each of the future ag girl of the year dolls?

  3. Opps its supposed to be my blog…..

  4. Better Paige?????

  5. @livelifwithag if u r trying 2 make a link 2 ur blog it is not working.;)

  6. Who plays Saige in the movie? Anyone know? :)

  7. better????

  8. YES

  9. Cool! I love the last picture. :). I cant wait to get Saige!

  10. The actress looks so pretty! I can’t wait ’till Saige comes out!

  11. Wow! There making a movie. Yay

  12. RoseAgLove says:

    sweet! I was an extra in that movie when they shot where i live !

  13. RoseAgLove: Really! That’s awesome!

  14. @RoseAGLove That is so awesomesauce! I’ve made cameos as a TV extra, too…

    Showing the back of my head at school on my local news channel! XD
    You are more fortunate than I am. ;P

  15. @Venus, I’ve been on the news, as well! They came to my school and wanted to talk about a new science museum opening in my area, and so they decided to ask me what kind of science career I wanted and stuff. It was so COOL! :)

  16. @AGSmoothies That reminds me of an old friend of mine who appeared on the news a couple of years back to present a science project she had made out of Legos.
    It was for her Robotics Club or something. 😀
    As for me, I’ve been on my local news twice, and then I appeared once on CNN and Fox on Black Friday. But, my face has never been shown. Only the back of my ponytail and Hamtaro backpack have become famous, lol. 😛

  17. I LOVE the video!!!!!! I really want 2 c that movie!!

  18. OMG!!! I REALLY wanted to be in the movie! :( But, she is a very pretty person. I hopeing AG will sell her meet outfit for your AG dolls because I really like her meet dress but I might not buy te doll herslef even though I’m thinking of it. I really want this doll to have afriend they will be selling like GOTY 2009,
    Chrissa. It will make me happy to see AG do the hairstyle cards, like they did with GOTY 2012 McKenna, which i have to say she looks almost exactly like me!!! I am hopeing to have at least 3 GOTYS in my AG doll collection. These are the dolls the dollos I have so far, in order from first to last: MYAG 23, Julie, GOTY 2011, Kanani, and GOTY 2012, McKenna, probaly to be renamed Lilac. If AG sees my requst of selling Saige’s best, I will buy either Saige or her friend.(I forgot her name.) I wish AG will lower their prices because I am really looking foward to this GOTY. I LOVE watching agoverseasfan’s videos. Thank you SOOOOO much agoverseasfan. I absoulty LOVE your videos. Once again thank you!!!


  19. Two things…
    1 — She is so pretty! I also have red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Even the fair skin too. Wow, kinda freaky. :) But….
    2 — These are NOT pictures from the movie. These are obviously from her book. Wait and see–buy her book/check it out from the library and you will see that these are not from a movie, but from the book. I can tell by the painting style. The artist is talented, but these are not. from. a. movie. End of story. Sorry to break it to you, but I thought you should know, people.

  20. Oh, and just FYI, no. The picture in my avatar is not me. It is Sophia Anna Everhard. :)

  21. Missy, except that we know a movie was being filmed. These are from that movie, they look too realistic to be painted.

  22. OMG! I CAN’T BELEVE AG HAS DONE IT AGAIN. the SIXTH ag goty to have blue or green eyes. At least they saved them selves by having red hair. I think they need a doll with curly brown hair and brow eyes and frecles . that would be 1/2 the girls at my school.

  23. Thanks to the people who replied to my comment! yeah, i auditioned for the Mckenna movie too, but I didn’t get in.:( A cool thing that i was in in Saige’s movie was this HUGE AWESOME stage scene. I can’t say anymore of course!SHH! and Missy, Lena is true, that is the exact same girl i saw play Saige in the movie!
    ~hope I gve some good Information!Rose

  24. who is going to play saige in the movie???

  25. i can not wait to get Saige!!!! She is so pretty and I would love her in my collection

  26. She is very pretty I am getting her on January first in the store in Miami look out for me

  27. @Megan =)
    AG will be really busy then x). But I hope so, too! 😀