American Girl Game Apps for Your iPod

apps for American Girl Games

It’s about time! Well, actually American Girl released these a few weeks ago, but I just got around to downloading their three apps for iPod, iPad and iPhone. American Girl released two of its more popular games plus one new one for Cécile and Marie-Grace.

  • Secret Wardrobe – Help Cécile and Marie-Grace put together the perfect ensemble for the Children’s Ball tonight.
  • Kanani’s Shave Ice – Help Kanani serve delicious shave-ice treats by completing customer orders before the sun sets.
  • Cheer On! -Show your Innerstar University™ school spirit by collecting letters all over the field while avoiding obstacles.

All three apps are free and all you need to do to find them in the App Store is search for American Girl.  Have you played any of them yet? I’m thinking these will come in handy for my daughter while she is waiting for her sister to finish gymnastics practice, while she is waiting at her swim meets, car rides or just whenever.

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  1. Sarah, they are announcing the contest winners for the writing contest in November. I entered it! Are you?

  2. I wish I could enter the contest but Im to old. : ( Oh well.

  3. Annie- Thank you! And yes I did! I sent it in the very first day!! Lol!! : )
    Olivia- I’m sorry! I am just the age limit(Idk if that made sense but…)!

  4. Awesome! What was your story about?

  5. My daughters went on Innerstar U this morning and got quiet a shock! They have changed the dolls online look and my 3 girls who use it are not happy. The figures are a bit blurry, the stance is weird-more teenager than girl, and they have slimmed them down (look at the ankles in your wardrobe changing space). My girls think they look like Barbie now and don’t want to use it anymore!
    There are new clothes added which is good.

    I thought maybe they had made it quicker to load, but it still takes the same amount of time.
    We are going to send feedback to AG, which I think everyone should do about the pro’s and con’s of the new web site (especially the ‘What’s New’ button and not being able to access the “Site Map’ for games).
    Sorry for the long blurb-just needed to share all that (we are in Australia so don’t have a big community of AG lovers to discuss with).

  6. Sarah- LOL yeah that made sense. good luck. You to Annie and anyone else on here who entered.
    April- ugh that stinks! I dont have an ISU account. (i dont havea MAG just got historicals and GOTY’s)
    I am mostly ok with the new websight changes but I do not like the fact that they took off the “whats new ” tab. I mean its not great and I still prefer the old way but i can live withit. But I AM going to send an email or something to AG and ask them to put the ‘whats new” tab back.

  7. Annie- I wrote about a girl who has cancer. She just moved from a really super small farm town to San Fransico. She’s had cancer before but it soon comes back. In the story she meets a new friend who accidently walks in the wrong room which she soon finds was a good mistake. 😉 Whats yours about??

  8. Cool, Sarah! Mine is about a girl in the 60s. It’s an idea I’ve had for a historical character, so I just tweaked it a bit. She’s AA and makes friends with a white girl. I hope they don’t think it’s too much like Cecile and Marie-Grace!

  9. Annie and Sarah – Oh your stories sound great! once again good luck to both of you.

  10. i wrote a story about two friends who are several years apart

  11. Annie- Thats awesome!! I can barley wait till November now!! :)
    Olivia- Thank you so much!! It means the world to me!! <3
    Lgrrl- That sounds so cool!! Would love to read it!

  12. Lgrrl- sounds interesting.

  13. Ahhh I was a bit too old to enter the contest : ( Too bad, because I would have like to enter. Oh well. Good luck to everyone who entered on here! I like everyones ideas too X D

  14. Sarah- Your welcome. Im glad my comment ment so much to you. : ) (hugs)

  15. Olivia- 😀

  16. Sarah- : )

  17. Cool, I might enter the contest myself! I don’t know what story to write. I read the rules but need an idea.

  18. Taira- Hmmmm thats a tuff situation. Try listening to a song and getting inspiration. Thats what i did. I listened to “Stars” by Greyson Chance and got my inspiration there. Hope I helped! : )

  19. Sarah- Thanks, also, for a weird reason, when it rains I get great ideas for drawing and writing. That is how I am always making stories for my Sonic Character Mascot Juli the Bunny!

  20. Tiara-Lol!! : ) It rains ALL the time here so if you were here you’d get ideas like crazy!! Lol!

  21. I get ideas from what I’m reading. Try picking up some of your contemporary fic. books, then curling up and reading through them.

  22. Im constantly comming up with crazy ideas for stories.Some for dolls and others for just well other things. Thats why I got a fanfiction account yesterday. I’ll hopefully have at least one chapter of a story up by tomorrow. (I would have already had one up by now but there is a 2 day waiting period for new members.) Once I get my first story up if you guys dont mind I would LOVE it if you guys would read it and tell me what you think. If you dont want to that is totally fine I am just letting you guys know that if anyone else on this site reads fanfiction to look me up tomorrow. P.S. If you guys read my story please tell me what you think of it.

  23. Olivia- Me too! I am always coming up with Story ideas! I’ll read it!

  24. I downloaded them a couple days ago, and I love Kanani’s App! I am a bit disappointed that it does not save, though! :)

  25. Tiara- Thank you! you dont know how much I appreciate you reading it. It will be up hopefully sometime tonight. (Im still having to wait for the 2 day waiting period to be over). When Its up I will let you know.

  26. Tiara- I just wanted to let you know that I just posted the prolouge of my story! It said that it will take bout 4-8 hours for it to be publically viewed. I am excited but nervouse. I hope people will like it. P.S. when you go and read it I rated it T but I did that just to be safe. I rated it that because in the prolog it mentions brief alchoholism and abuse but that is in the epilouge the rest of the story will be perfectly fine. If you are uncomfortable reading the prolouge it is perfectly fine if you want to skip that and just go on to chapter 1. (that will be up either tonight or tomorrow. depends if I have time) P.S.S. when you go to look for it go to where it says cartoons and it will take you to a list of all the cartoons that you can write a story about. click on the smurfs and look for the story called ” the adventures of Johan, Peewit, and Livy” by flowerpower71. That is me.

  27. Sorry if I bored you with all that rating stuff but I just wanted to let you know. The story really isnt that bad at all but I just wanted to be safe.

  28. I’m a teenager and still play with dolls.. is that bad? (*I removed your actual age, because that is personal information and you should not be sharing that in the comments here *)

  29. Alexa – you are not too old to play with dolls – you are never too old & we are glad you stopped in.

  30. I love that now you can do this because I love the American Girl games!

  31. OMG! These games are SO easy. I’m older then ten but younger than 1thirteen and I could beat them in 2 seconds.