It seems that the American Girl MyAG 39 is pretty popular these days and there is already a lot of talk about how similar #39 is to the new Girl of the Year 2012 McKenna, too. One of our readers mentioned in the comments earlier that she would like to see photos of #39 next to Molly’s best friend, Emily. We happen to have both dolls, so your request has been filled.

American Girl Emily, MyAG 39, and the scooter

Our MyAG #39, Calista, just rode up to the Ice Cream Shoppe on her new scooter to meet her friend Emily. We changed Emily out of her historical outfits and let her be a Today doll for a bit. (She is wearing the Kicking Back outfit from 2006) Calista’s hair is longer and layered, where as Emily’s hair definitely is more red.

American Girl 39 and Emily

Here is another view where you can see the big difference between Emily and MyAG 39 is the hair. They both have blue eyes but I think Calista’s are a deeper blue. Also, Calista is wearing the Licorice Play outfit from 2007 with Chrissa’s meet shoes.

American Girl 39 and Emily

The scooter is definitely a big hit and has been played with non-stop since Christmas. It is a well made piece that is metal and the wheels are the same quality as the ones on my daughter’s Razr scooter and it rolls easily on our wood floor.

American Girl 39 and Emily

Another side by side view of the two dolls. Calista’s hair is definitely more of a caramel brown and parted on the side, and Emily’s is more auburn with a middle part. Emily’s face is also a little smaller than Calista’s which makes sense as they are from different face molds. While there are plenty of differences between the two dolls, they definitely are similar enough to pass off as sisters.

Once we get the McKenna doll we will be able to do a comparison with her as well.