Whether you are snowed in, having a sick day or just feeling like a good movie, The American Girl Movie Collection (Samantha – An American Girl Holiday / Felicity – An American Girl Adventure / Molly – An American Girl on the Home Front) is a great way to spend your time.

My favorite is still Felicity’s movie. We have visited Williamsburg many times and live in an area steeped in history from Felicity’s time. The camera work is beautiful in this movie.

The Molly movies is my second choice. Based on the story of Molly and her family as they struggle to keep positive during the days of WWII, it is a very patriotic choice. Don’t forget your tissues, I cried numerous times throughout the movie as they tugged on my heart strings.

The Samantha movie is also nice. It is a wonderful story of friendship between Samantha and her friend Nellie. It will definitely leave you feeling like you need to have a tea party.

Which movie is your favorite?