American Girl Doll Wall Display

We are running out of space in my daughter’s tiny room for all her doll stuff so I decided to get creative and use these cool wall boxes as doll displays.

American Girl Wall Display

L-R – Chrissa and her swim stuff fit perfectly in the first wall box, Coconut, Licorice and Starburst like the middle box, and Kit loves being part of Chrissa’s world while Marisol’s cat and Kit’s dog Gracie hang out below.

American Girl Chrissa Wall Display

Closer view of Chrissa and her swim stuff in the first wall box.

We love to see how you display your dolls! Send in your photos to We’ll either put them in the gallery or in a post of their own.

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  1. I personally like the name Jess for her. I’ve always had a thing against Jessica thought, but if Jess is short for anything, I’d rather it be Jessamine.

  2. I have never heard of that name before.

  3. Its my friends little sister’s name.

  4. It sounds very sweet.

  5. I’ll be sure to tell her some one I know thinks her name is sweet (she’s 7 and just getting into the AG craze)

  6. Unfortunately, I got into the AG craze by my fifth birthday, so my first doll wasn’t treated as dolls ought to be. I gave her an awful haircut :( and didn’t get it fixed until last year.

  7. sunbeemz says:

    I got into American girl Doll when I was around 7 and never got one until this year.

  8. Chrissa looks sooo sweet:)

  9. Hey, guys! It’ll be a few days before I get on here again. I’m going to a camp for the entire weekend.

  10. Have fun, Lily!

  11. Lilly Hazel says:

    I’m going camping with friends today! : D

  12. have fun lilly hazel!

  13. i got in2 ag at around 3, but lost interest until i was 7, but then lost it again, and when i was 8 i fell back in love with them after i got marisol, and now i’m obsessed with them!!!! heehee!

  14. I got into AG at 8 1/2, lost interest by 10, loved them again at 11, lost interest by 13, and now I am crazy about them!

  15. chrystanthamum says:

    i learned about them fairly recently but im n highschool so i wish i could have bought myself one years ago. should i buy western horse and acessories or a histoircal doll? i do have about $200 but add shipping and i cant buy horse, doll, accessoires, clothes. or i could buy nothing.
    i wish ag wasnt so huge and all.
    and of course ag sells more products thatn pleasnat compny its been around longer and they built off of pc. it takes time to produce everything.
    will rebecca have a doll case like the other dolls?

  16. chrystanthamum says:

    and i have no ag dolls. if u do buy off craiglist only ship if u have adress and phone number and talk to the person. my friend sent $8 so someone would ship a stuffed andimal panda that is a littlest pet shop virtual interavitve pet that u can play an internet game with but they never reicved it. they emailed them with a different email and were told it was sold though. how pathetic is that. they still ahve thier email and adress can they report them?

  17. chrystanthamum says:

    but if u do want to ship criagligst use pay pal and call them. ive shipped things and i have about 200 dollars in money orders to buy ag things with. or a different brand of doll.

  18. chrystanthamum says:

    i dont get it, u would think someone could send the toy if they reiceved payment it evenvn covered shipping. how pathetic. char, anyone, can anything be done about it? it wasnt alot of money but its annoying. they quit answering email the last one said they will send it monday in the a.m. my firned never recieved it and this was over four weeks ago.
    so pathetic. i have shipped stuff and they always recieved it. oh well.

  19. That’s why I don’t trust Craigslist. Ebay is much more reliable.

  20. chrystanthamum says:

    craiglist works better when u meet people.

  21. jessica says:

    i think char is right crysanthamum ebay is more reliable!

  22. chrystanthamum says:

    it is for shipping. it wasnt meant to be 4 posts. i was talking about my frined. on a better note im going to order my first ag.

  23. chrystanthamum says:

    any1 get anything new?

  24. sunbeemz says:

    I’m probably getting the 2 in 1 ballerina outfit on the 28 or 29 and some more stuff because my b-day is on the 29.

  25. Aaryana says:

    I’ve recently gotten Molly’s Lunch (retired edition from e-bay), Chrissa’s Warm-up set, and a cute little backpack that AG had on sale.

  26. Well, I ordered Elizabeth and her 2 outfits off QVC. I should get her next Monday!!

  27. chrystanthamum says:

    o ordered the westen horse! it was on sale!

  28. Cool Chrystanthamum!! Which dolls do you have?

  29. This is so cute!

  30. Those shelf things are awesome!! 😀

  31. Anne (agfan14) says:

    They are adorable!
    My American Girl dolls are on my bookcase propped up against the wall.
    And one sits in a chair on the bookcase.:)

  32. chrystanthamum says:

    i have no dolls.

  33. OMG! Cool stuff

  34. itd be even cooler to have boxes that would fit all theyre furniture and the dolls, like say a bedroom then youd have a bedroom for them and it wouldnt get ruined

  35. that would be soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome aglover

  36. i love this and so does my mom and i think we are going to do it in my room since my room is tiny and i share it with my twin sis and our 6 ag dolls